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Climber on iceberg, Columbia Bay, Alaska; June 19, 2008

Earth Day : Global warming through timelapses

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While some climate sceptics speak up, we wanted to write about the state of what surround us and make this week dedicated to climate change. Since the Earth Day takes place this saturday, we thought it was the right time to do so. The link between climate change and timelapses may appear unclear yet it is very strong. The timelapse is indeed a technique often used to study glaciers and effects of global warming on it. We will go deeper into details this saturday with an interview with the glaciologist Luc Moreau. Timelapse is also used to keep track and study the movements of glaciers, we’ve made a long time ago an article dealing with it (french language only).

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A self-sufficient time lapse camera in Cannes

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40 seconds … to relive the 4 days of the largest international real estate trade show. Thanks to Tikee, a solution to create easily amazing time lapses, this edition of MIPIM has a souvenir,

Usually used by photographers, the time lapse is a video composed of photos taken at set intervals. This practice is difficult because it takes time, battery but also memory.

And if today, the time lapses could be easier to realize thanks to Tikee? Read More

With This Unstoppable Solar-Powered Camera, You Might Never Need a Memory Card Again – DigitalRev

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“The French engineers behind the Enlaps Tikee system set out to improve the tools at the disposal of photographers capturing panoramic images and time-lapse videos.

While the image quality and battery life of new camera models are improving all the time, they felt that not enough was being done to cater for the photographers who spend hours outside rather than in a studio.”


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Enlaps is the world’s first unlimited time-lapse photography solution – Digital Trends

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“Time-lapse photography has generally been reserved for the professionals and the extremely patient, but now, the barrier to entry may have been lowered. It’s all thanks to Enlaps, the world’s first unlimited time-lapse photography solution. Weatherproof and self-contained, this purpose-built time-lapse camera claims to provide “a unique, complete and intuitive solution to create quality time lapses from pictures shooting to Web sharing.” And if it raises about $80,000 more (double what it’s already managed) in the next 29 days, it just may make it to market.”