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Frequently asked questions

How do I update my camera?

1. Download the latest update: Downloadable resources from a computer and copy it to the previously formatted microSD card.

2. Write down your Wi-Fi and 4G connection settings, they will be useful later.

The file must be named TikeeUpdate.fw (and not TikeeUpdate(1).fw for example if your web browser renames it).

If the battery level of the camera is lower than 50%, please plug in the Tikee before updating.

3. Insert the microSD card into the dedicated slot and turn on your Tikee.

4. Connect to your Tikee using the mobile application

Write down your network settings as well as the settings of the current sequence, as they will be erased during the update.

5. Go to the "Advanced Settings" menu and click on "Update".

The update may take several minutes. Once completed, you will receive a success notification on the mobile application.

6. Close the mobile application and restart your Tikee.

For iPhone users, please restart your phone.

Connect to your Tikee using the mobile application: the version number of your Tikee should match the number of the new version of the software.

7. Enter the network settings previously written down, and after validating a connection test (Wi-Fi or 4G):

8. Set up a new sequence similar to the previous one if you wish to continue your project.

NB: The update is compatible with all versions of Tikee (including older versions).

I can't connect to the Tikee camera with my smartphone.

Please check the following points first:

  1. Make sure that your smartphone is compatible:
    – for Android: min. Bluetooth 4.1 and min. Android 6.0

– for iOS: min. Bluetooth 4.1 and min. iOS 10

  1. Make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on and visible.
  2. Make sure that your phone’s geolocation is enabled. 
  3. Close and then restart the mobile application once Bluetooth is turned on. If necessary, log out of your account and then log back in.
  4. Unpair your Tikee (e.g. T-123456) from your phone's Bluetooth settings.

After 30 minutes of inactivity (without any interaction/connection/ongoing or planned timelapse), the Tikee camera shuts down and is no longer visible in Bluetooth. It is then necessary to turn it back on manually by pressing the left button on the rear panel.


A background notification may appear on the screen of some smartphones. If that is the case for you, don't forget to confirm pairing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMqVaV2Zfng 

The maximum range of Bluetooth is 30m.

My 4G network test fails.

  1. Make sure that your SIM card is properly plugged in (clickable) and inserted the correct way around, chip facing down. 
  2. Make sure that your SIM card is activated and unlocked by your mobile network operator by testing it with a cell phone.
  3. Check your login data. The APN and PIN1 code are enough for most operators; this information can be found in the account-opening documentation provided by your mobile network operator.
    Be careful! Repeated attempts with incorrect login credentials can block the SIM card.

  4. Make sure that a network is available with sufficient signal strength on site (test it with a cell phone that uses the same network from the same provider if necessary)
  5. Perform a Wi-Fi test (using your phone’s wireless access point feature).
  6. If the Wi-Fi and 4G tests still fail, update the device to reset the connection.

My Wi-Fi network test fails.

  1. Check your login information in > Network settings.
  2. Make sure that the network is working properly (e.g., use another device such as a phone or computer).
  3. Check the type of security chosen (usually: WPA2-PSK).
  4. If the Wi-Fi and 4G tests still fail, update the device to reset the connection.

The connection is not possible on Wi-Fi networks that require a connection to a web portal (which is often the case on an industrial site or on free Wi-Fi networks).

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