5 uses of timelapse for construction sites

By 2 February 2018Uses of timelapses

The timelapse is a tool widely used on construction sites and in the world of real estate. There are many uses and vocations for a video timelapse and we have selected some of the most popular in the construction industry for you …

1. Follow the progress and evolutions of the work

The timelapse is a monitoring technique regularly used on construction and demolition sites. Thanks to a camera that takes pictures at regular intervals, it is possible to see the progress, evolutions, changes, or the necessary work done for each stage of the construction.
This provides a short video that gives the illusion of time in an accelerated manner.
Here are some video examples of time lapse work tracking:

Enlaps Tikee Uses time lapse by Enlaps

2. Capture a memory and convert it into a communication tool

The timelapse also captures and lets revive the ephemeral, which is past and will never be again. This captured memory can then serve as a communication tool to demonstrate a unique construction expertise (for example). As an exemple, the incredible construction of the sculpture made by the visual artist Gerry Judah for Mazda in 2015 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​and visible only the time of the event: a sculpture of 120 tons for 40 meters high 😲

Mazda’s Goodwood Festival of Speed Sculpture Timelapse by TestDriven

3. Reveal the invisible and animate memories

How to relive 7 shows over 8 days including building and disassembly of the different scenes in only 1 min 30? With a timelapse obviously! To promote the setting up of a festival or to simply live and animate memories, the time lapse technique reveals what is impossible to see with the naked eye at a given moment. New perspectives of past events are thus revealed thanks to the time lapse.

Incredible Time Lapse Shows 7 Events In 8 Days at Philips Arena by Atlanta Hawks

4. Hundred of years retranscribed in few seconds

New York over the centuries … This accelerated video is a great demonstration of the interest of the time lapse to trace history, relive buildings construction and discover the evolution of the urban landscape. Discover the urban history of New York City over 500 years in less than a minute!

New York City age 500 years time lapse video – KickstarterVids – Copyright New York Times

5. Integrate different shooting techniques to create dynamic videos

For large construction sites, the use of various photo and video techniques is perfect. It is interesting to integrate videos of drones, 360 ° videos and timelapse videos together in order to live and relive the construction site from different angles of view as a whole or, on the contrary, very precisely. This provides dynamic and engaging videos that you want to watch.

Time-lapse & drone-lapse construction film of UK’s largest solar farm in 2014, Landmead, Oxfordshire by Moving Timelapse

Without a dedicated product, the timelapse requires many tools: a SLR camera, an intervalometer, adjustable parametrization, an important storage for the long-term, etc. and a lot of time and monitoring. That’s why Tikee is revolutionizing the timelapse in general, and in particular the timelapse of construction, as a small plug-and-play self-sufficient and connected camera with professional quality and a dedicated web application. To learn more, it’s here.

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