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How to correct the horizon of a timelapse made with Tikee?

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Thanks to the wide field of view (220°), the images made by Tikee have a panoramic format. This is why you can sometimes notice “distortions” if you have installed your camera with tilt: some lines that are straight in reality appear curved in the picture.

In this technical blog post, more advanced than the previous ones, we will see how to correct this skyline and generate a more aesthetic timelapse.

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How to generate a timelapse from DNG images with Tikee?

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In this article, we will only detail how to capture images in DNG format with Tikee, what to pay attention to when developing images, and how to generate a timelapse on our platform.

We will not detail the specificities of the development of the DNG for the timelapse (temporal coherence of the parameters, antiflicker, etc.). This will probably be the subject of a future blog post;)

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Assembling an images sequence into a video

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There are situations where you do not want to use the automatic video editing features of my.tikee.io web app. For example, you weren’t able to upload all your photos as and when the timelapse was running and then you get too much data to upload at once. Or maybe you want to change the colorimetry for a more personal rendering, or any other modification of the images using a third-part software.

In these situations, you then have a large series of photos that you would like to transform into a video. In this article you will find the necessary steps to do it.

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Artificial intelligence at the service of photography, video and timelapse

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Artificial intelligence is increasingly used in digital photography. One of the most used types of AI in photography is deep learning: it is a type of artificial intelligence derived from machine learning where the machine is able to learn by itself (thanks to data models), unlike programming where it simply executes predetermined rules.

This AI is already available in the photo mode of many high-end smartphones to allow them to automatically detect scenes and even extrapolate images.

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Emmanuel Pampuri review of the TikeePRO time lapse camera

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Emmanuel PampuriAt the beginning of the year 2019, we had the honor to present our timelapse solution to Emmanuel Pampuri and to offer him a TikeePRO time lapse camera in order to allow him to test it.

After a few weeks of testing, he offers us an incredible personal review of the Tikee solution by Enlaps for our greatest pleasure 🙂

A big thanks to him !

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Timelapse and glaciology: 8 questions to Dr. Heidi Sevestre

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Heidi-Sevestre-glaciologistHeïdi Sevestre was born in 1988 in Gruffy in Haute-Savoie. After spending all her childhood in her home town, she decided to study in Lyon, where she obtained her “BSC in Physical Geography” in 2009. She then specialized in glaciology, a field in which she has a PhD, the equivalent of a doctorate, from the University of Svalbard in Norway.

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