Our Tikee construction documentation camera and its dedicated time lapse app, mytikee, provide property developers and construction companies with a professional, comprehensive solution for their construction documentation needs. Unlike most conventional construction cameras or webcams, Tikee generates high-quality and GDPR-compliant time lapse videos that can be used in external communication.

Why use a time lapse camera for your construction documentation needs?

Time lapse videos are not filmed. Instead, a sequence of individual photos that are shot at regular intervals—always at the same location—are automatically combined to generate a film.

Tikee goes way further than a simple webcam and allows you to kill two birds with one stone. For a start, you get high-resolution panoramic images with a horizontal field of view of 220° in Full-HD, 4K or even 6K photographic quality. This allows you to monitor progress on your construction site in detail. Furthermore, you also get a dynamic time lapse video that can be used for internal and external communication.

Our Tikee construction documentation camera


Why is Tikee the ideal camera for construction documentation?

Tikee is a comprehensive time lapse solution (camera + video production app), developed specifically for construction sites (new construction and demolition), and is a powerful storytelling tool for your communication.

100% connected

Online & self-sufficient

Monitor and create single photos and time lapse videos from wherever you are and however long you want


220° photos in 6K

Panoramic photography of the highest quality for construction documentation and time lapse


Attractive price

The most innovative time lapse camera at the best price

LIVE Timelapse

Automated video production in real time

View and download active time lapse projects as mp4 videos

Studio creation timelapse

Dedicated web app

Create and distribute your photo and video galleries privately or publicly



Designed for outdoor use, even in the most difficult weather conditions

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Time lapse camera for construction sites

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More on Tikee time lapse cameras for your construction documentation needs

High-quality photographic images for your construction site documentation

Our Tikee time lapse cameras for construction sites offer not one, but two high-quality lenses and high-resolution sensors to cover your entire site, in Full HD, 4K or even 6K. The detailed individual images enable precise monitoring of all individual construction phases in your construction documentation. This allows you to track your project’s progress in real time, detect any construction errors, and provide all internal departments and external subcontractors with the information they need.

Data protection using GDPR-compliant time lapse videos

mytikeePRO is a web app that automatically creates professional time lapse videos. Our AI algorithms enable you to make your photos and time lapse videos GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant, using selective blurring (‘pixelation’) to anonymize visible and recognizable persons in your various projects.

Image areas showing public spaces can also be rendered unrecognizable using selective masking.

Nearly unlimited storage space in the cloud

Thanks to the integrated W-LAN & LTE/4G modules, our TikeePRO2 time lapse camera for construction sites is always connected. You can download your photos and videos via WiFi or 4G from wherever you are. With TikeePRO2, you always have enough storage space for your time lapse videos.

Professional features to enhance your time lapse videos

The professional versions of TikeePRO2 and mytikee provide you with even more features for your time lapse videos:

  • Extended online image and video galleries, with private links with restricted access, allow you to manage the documentation of your project progress and communicate with other departments and subcontractors 
  • Online management of entire time lapse camera fleets on different construction sites from anywhere in the world