Our Tikee time lapse solution consists of a time lapse camera associated with a video production app. Creating home construction time lapse movies has never been easier! A time lapse camera isn’t like a simple webcam and provides unique memories for homeowners and comprehensive construction documentation of all phases of a house’s construction for property developers.

Why use time lapse videos in house building or demolition?

Time lapse videos (often referred to as time lapse) are an ideal medium to not only document the construction site of a single or multi-family home, but also to capture the dynamics of the construction site and the building of a house in an impressive and emotional way.

With a time-lapse film, private home owners get to keep a unique reminder of a process that many only experience once in a lifetime: the construction of their house, be it a prefabricated building or a solid house. With a time lapse of their house’s construction, homeowners can see in just a few minutes how a pile of raw materials grew into walls, and ultimately into what is now their home. 

A time lapse video also turns construction site documentation into a powerful communication tool that can be shared on social media or broadcast during events, such as an inauguration or topping out ceremony.

Home construction time lapse camera


Why is Tikee the ideal time lapse camera for your house construction?

Tikee time lapse solution goal is to make time lapse video production in home building accessible to all kinds of users. Our teams have put together all their talent and knowledge to make it easy for you to create your time lapse videos.

100 autonome self-sufficient

100% self-sufficient

Highly efficient solar panel. Independent from the power grid. Optimized for months of long-term time lapse.



Sturdy camera developed for outdoor applications. Protection against rain, snow, dust and sand.


Ready for immediate use

Easy handling of the all-in-one time lapse camera in only 4 steps: align, record, create, and distribute

100% connected

100% online

Setup and control via LTE/4G, W-Lan
Unlimited storage capacity in the cloud

Studio creation timelapse

Automated video production

Automatic merging of individual images without video editing knowledge, with numerous filters and effects



Optional GPS and e-mail alerts
Security steel cable with locking mechanism

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Construction site camera time lapse

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Only the best for your home construction time lapse

The best time lapse camera and the easiest time lapse app

Thanks to two high-quality optics, two highly sensitive Sony Exmor R CMOS 16 Mpx sensors, and a combined horizontal field of view of 220° (equivalent to the human field of view), our Tikee time lapse cameras let you keep an eye on the whole process of your house construction and take panoramic photos in 4K or even 6K professional quality. That’s more than most webcams can do!

For video production, Tikee works with its dedicated (smartphone, tablet or computer) web app, mytikee. Configure your time lapse project online with just a few clicks (time interval between shots, time of day, weekdays, etc.) and let our AI-based algorithms automatically generate attractive time lapse videos and store them in a secure, powerful cloud or on microSD cards. Our many available filters and effects (anti-flicker, pan & zoom drives, etc.) give you plenty of room for creativity.

Because you only build your house once

Because you only build your house once, we make sure that nothing goes wrong with your time lapse recordings. Using LTE/4G or W-Lan, you can monitor, download and, if necessary, edit the running time lapse recordings anytime and anywhere in the world.

Our Tikee time lapse construction camera never runs out of juice thanks to a highly efficient solar panel and a powerful battery, combined with intelligent energy management that allows you to take up to 10,000 individual photos without sunlight.

Nearly unlimited storage space in the cloud

Thanks to the integrated W-LAN & LTE/4G modules, our TikeePRO2 time lapse camera is always connected. You can download your photos and videos via WiFi or 4G wherever you are. With TikeePRO2, you always have enough storage space for your time lapse videos.

This means that you are not only able to record the quick construction of a prefabricated house, but you can also document the entire duration of a construction site lasting for months or even years in a long-term time lapse.

Don’t lose sight of your time lapse camera

Tikee’s sophisticated casing also allows you to protect your time lapse camera against theft, by inserting an anti-theft cable (that is sold separately as an accessory in our shop). We also offer a built-in GPS as an option, which allows you to always be aware of where your TikeePRO2+ cam is, and to receive an email notification when it changes location. 

Professional features to enhance your time lapse videos

The professional versions of TikeePRO2 and mytikee provide you with even more features for your time lapse videos:

  • GDPR-compliant anonymization of single photos or time lapse videos by blurring people and public spaces
  • Extended online image and video galleries via private links with restricted access to document your project progress and communicate with other departments and subcontractors 
  • Online management of entire time lapse camera fleets on different construction sites from anywhere in the world

Other uses of a time lapse camera

Once you get a taste for time lapse, thanks to our Tikee camera, you’ll see that the possibilities are endless!

  • Make a time lapse of your new kitchen installation.
  • Document the reconstruction of your bathroom.
  • Show how your garden changes over the seasons.
  • If you’re planning on installing a swimming pool, this is also worth a time lapse!
  • Are you part of a club or association? Help it keep a record of its festivities, tournaments, or other kinds of events in a unique and different way.
  • Create a unique souvenir during your holiday, for example with a sunset time lapse. With its compact weight (only 1.2 kg), Tikee can accompany you everywhere.