Emeric Le Bars review our TikeePRO2+ timelapse camera

We had the honor to present our timelapse solution to Emeric Le Bars and to offer him a TikeePRO2+ time lapse camera to allow him to test it.

After discovering  and installing his TikeePRO2+, he tested the camera on a long term timelapse for one week and offers us a complete review of the Tikee solution by Enlaps for our greatest pleasure 🙂

Many thanks to him!

Emeric is a French Motion Timelapse and Hyperlapse Photographer and Video Editor living in the beautiful city of Atlanta, Georgia after working 7 years in Los Angeles, California.

He has been doing Timelapse Photography for the past 8 years, including 7 years in Los Angeles and all around the United States.

He created over 500 clips of the City of Angels, and more than a 400 of Atlanta, San Francisco, New York City, Las Vegas, Chicago, Paris, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Denver, Miami, Dallas, Philadelphia and Montreal, Quebec.

To watch Emeric Le Bars’ unboxing and install Tikee pro2+:

To watch his full review after shooting for one week:

To learn more about Emeric Le Bars go here.

And to follow his YouTube channel, go by there.