Monthly Archives: September 2015

  1. FOCUS Appli #2 : One camera, several time lapses in parallel !

    Which camera to choose to shot a short or a long term time lapse ?
    With Enlaps you can do both! With one Tikee realize short time lapses (sunset for example) while continuing to follow the evolution of the seasons.

    FOCUS FB 3 - EN

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  2. Super moon eclipse!

    A rare phenomenon occurred in the night from Sunday to Monday : a moon eclipse coupled with a super moon, next similar event will happen in 2033 … Fortunately for those who missed it (like us due to the clouds … ) others like Brian Abeling have done time lapse…

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  3. Time lapse during Coupe Icare 2015

    Enlaps team took the opportunity of Coupe Icare 2015 to shoot a series of time-lapses during takeoff of hot-air-balloons, a poetic interlude that I let you discover…

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  4. Tikee on Blog Esprit Design !

    Blog Esprit Design a famous blog on the last design trends, has just published (in french) a good article with sketches of the Tikee design evolution, a full review of the Tikee’s features and many other information : Full Article

    blog esprit design

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  5. FOCUS App #1 : Very wide view angle !

    A full immersion in a picture, a stunning panoramic view of over 230° to admire the most beautiful landscapes.
    Two cameras with fish eyes lenses capture for you quality pictures, then a web application automatically merges the two pictures to offer you a wider field of vision.

    The creation of timelapses from sunrise to sunset are now possible.

    If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment!

    FOCUS FB 2 - EN

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  6. Singapore as a lego city thanks to a tilt shift effect!

    The tilt-shifting gives a “model”effect to a time-lapse playing on the blurred or not areas. Have a look to this beautiful example created by Keith Loutit ( , Singapore city looks like a lego city !

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  7. FOCUS Tikee #1 : Never run out of battery !

    Tikee regulates its energy depending on sunlight and regulates its operation for shooting without time limit. Tikee has a high efficiency monocrystalline photovoltaic panel (about 17%). A large capacity battery has been chosen to take pictures during several weeks even without sun. The specific battery chemistry allows good performances in very hot or cold conditions.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact us or to leave a comment on Facebook!

    FOCUS FB 1 - EN

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  8. Impressive weather events captured in time lapse…

    Extreme weather events as you have rarely seen thanks to Jeff Boyce, nature in all its splendor and power …

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  9. 1 year time lapse in the “Parc National des Ecrins”

    Nice technical achievement of the “Parc National des Ecrins” which achieved a one year time lapse to follow the flow of a glacier. A great future possible application of our product Tikee !

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  10. Be a TIme KEEper with TIKEE

    After the last week teaser it’s time to unveil the new born of Enlaps team : Tikee ! A refined design allowing to get a 30% smaller case compared to the original design!

    Enlaps - Sketchfab-2-26b

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