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  1. Time Lapse – Pasta-lapse – Giacomo Nodjoumi

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  2. Time Lapse – Nel regno di Oz – Giacomo Nodjoumi

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  3. Enlaps : awarded at the Spark design contest

    The Enlaps team is pleased to announce that its time lapse product Tikee has been awarded at the international contest Spark Design 2015 !
    Peter Kuchnicki, President of Spark, about the winning design : “The work is exceptional, innovation is breathtaking”. That reinforce Enlaps team belief on the potentiel of the project.

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  4. The award « Enlaps » given to a short film director

    Video is a true passion for the Enlaps team who wants to promote and encourage talented film producers.
    Last Saturday during the closing ceremony of the “Festival du Film Court de Villeurbanne”, Enlaps team has given the Audience Award in the amount of 1500€, called “Enlaps Award” for the 2015 edition, to the promising Pedro Solís García, Spanish film producer for its animated movie “Cuerdas”.

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  5. FOCUS Tikee #4 : Take pictures in every weather conditions !

    A housing weatherproof for outdoor use. In the mountains, at the seaside , in the rain or sun , make your pictures under any conditions.


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  6. FOCUS Tikee # 5: Use Tikee as you wish !

    On a tripod, a rock, or a roof, install Tikee anywhere thanks to its non-slip base. Its standard thread allows the use of your existing accessories, or those from Enlaps !


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  7. Gizmag : Tikee camera simplifies professional time-lapse photography

    “Due to launch on Kickstarter next month, Tikee is a camera system that’s aimed at making it easier to shoot high-quality time-lapse videos. The camera features dual wide angle lenses to produce immersive footage, and is designed to be durable enough to remain in position longer than you’d probably be happy leaving your DSLR out for.”

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  8. Enlaps, honoree at CES Innovation Awards 2016

    Enlaps - CES - 4-1

    The CES innovation awards is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in counsumers technology products.

    Awards are based on several criteria, as aesthetic and design quality, engineering quality, user friendliness

    Awarded products will be presented on a dedicated showroom at Las Vegas CES 2016 – 2016 January 6 to 9.

    Enlaps received the “Honoree” in digital imaging product category for Tikee, an innovative smart time lapse camera.

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  9. Time Lapse – From Earth to Milky way – Dominique Joubert

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  10. Time Lapse – The spirit of the chapel – Dominique Joubert

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