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  1. Earth Day : Global warming through timelapses

    While some climate sceptics speak up, we wanted to write about the state of what surround us and make this week dedicated to climate change. Since the Earth Day takes place this saturday, we thought it was the right time to do so. The link between climate change and timelapses may appear unclear yet it is very strong. The timelapse is indeed a technique often used to study glaciers and effects of global warming on it. We will go deeper into details this saturday with an interview with the glaciologist Luc Moreau. Timelapse is also used to keep track and study the movements of glaciers, we’ve made a long time ago an article dealing with it (french language only).

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  2. Best of SIdO : 5 smart products that will change your life !

    We went to SiDo the 6th of April. One prototype of Tikee was displayed on the booth of Minalogic and this was an opportunity for us to visit the IoT fair and discover some new projects. We wanted to share our favourites one with you so here you go !

    1 – Pikit : Buy effortless

    carrefour pikit

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  3. What’s the aim of time lapse videos in the construction industry ?

    construction site time lapse

    The time lapse technique is more and more used in the construction industry. Lots of videos on the Internet shows interior installations or the progress of a building site from its foundation to the final result.

    What is the purpose of a time lapse ?

    A time lapse is a video showing off dynamically the different stages of a project. “Reveal the invisible” is not only our motto but also a fact : this technique is the only one able to display the evolution of a slow work

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