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  1. The perfect video cover on Facebook thanks to time lapse

    Facebook added some weeks ago the video cover feature. Lots of pages decided to jump in this new feature since it gives a whole new dimension to Facebook’s pages. Netflix, Go Pro and Walt Disney World are just some examples using it.

    Time lapses added value to video cover on Facebook

    To start with, it is important to know that these videos are starting automatically, have no sound and are on repeat. It means you have to find a content which can attract the attention and hold it. And that is where time lapse comes in! It is truly the best way to use the video cover function since it can easily catch and keep attention. That is why it is perfect for an artist to show how is art was made, for an event to showcase the previous edition or to promote a t

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  2. Grenoble Street Art Fest : Première semaine

    The Grenoble Street Art Festival started last week! We are proud to be this year again partner of this festival. We are taking this opportunity to make several time lapses of murals made during it! It was hard for us to make a choice on which artists to showcase but here we are with our two first videos!



    The “turtle” of  Veks van Hillik

    We have met Veks ( again, lots of you liked our time lapse of the giant fox he made last year! It was a pleasure for us to discover more of his poetical and peculiar world!

    The “Grenoble Street Art tram”!

    The Grenoble Stre

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  3. This tool will help you making time lapses

    Photopills is a mobile app letting you make time lapses. It has developed a free timelapse calculator available on their website.

    We found this calculator useful! Thanks to it, you can estimate the duration of a time lapse based on the interval between each shot and the duration of the event shot. You can estimate the perfect interval between two pictures and the how many time the event must last to make the timelapse you want. More than that, the calculator lets you know how many storage spaces is needed and how many pictures will be taken.

    Screenshot du timelapses calculator

    Easy to handle and pretty complete,

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