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  1. Top 5 exclusive sports events in time lapse videos

    In the midst of the Olympic Winter Games in South Korea, we want to make you discover exclusive sports events in timelapse. Why? Because the time lapse makes it possible to follow the evolution of incredible sports events from a different angle, as you have never seen them before …

    1. A NASCAR race of several hours in just 3 minutes


    “NASCAR, or the National Association for Stock Car Racing Auto, is the main body governing stock car racing in the United States where the stock-car is the most popular car racing discipline.” Wikipédia
    During stock-car races, the number of laps is impressive, several hundred, and the race last several hours … What to get dizzy!
    The timelapse

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  2. 5 uses of timelapse for construction sites

    The timelapse is a tool widely used on construction sites and in the world of real estate. There are many uses and vocations for a video timelapse and we have selected some of the most popular in the construction industry for you …

    1. Follow the progress and evolutions of the work

    The timelapse is a monitoring technique regularly used on construction and demolition sites. Thanks to a camera that takes pictures at regular intervals, it is possible to see the progress, evolutions, changes, or the necessary work done for each stage of the construction.
    This provides a short video that gives the illusion of time in an accelerated manner.
    Here are some video examples of time lapse work tracking:

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