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  1. Timelapse and glaciology: 8 questions to Dr. Heidi Sevestre


    Heïdi Sevestre was born in 1988 in Gruffy in Haute-Savoie. After spending all her childhood in her home town, she decided to study in Lyon, where she obtained her “BSC in Physical Geography” in 2009. She then specialized in glaciology, a field in which she has a PhD, the equivalent of a doctorate, from the University of Svalbard in Norway.

    This glaciologist bases her research mainly on field experiments. She specializes in the study of the dynamics and movements of glaciers: she lived in the Arctic until the end of her thesis in 2015 to better analyze the subject. She is also studying the structure of i

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  2. Top 5 uses of time lapse at concerts and cultural events and anecdotes

    Because concerts and festivals need to receive more and more people, stadiums and open spaces become favorite places for these events. Sometimes it takes hours or even days to set up scenes or just follow the event. That’s why time-lapse is an excellent storytelling tool when an event has to be immortalized. It allows to (re)discover in a few seconds, the before, during and after the show, while revealing new dynamics. Here are some of the best timelapses made for big events …

    1. When a stadium is transformed for a concert


    The stadiums, usually reserved for sporting events, have now become places of cultural entertainment. To accommodate the largest number of people, the concert halls are not big enough while the stadiums are more ready to welcome the greatest artists and their many fans. For this, it is necessary to transform the whole building into a concert area with huge scenes in the heart of t

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