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  1. Fstoppers Reviews the Long Duration and Self-Powered Time-Lapse Tikee Camera

    Discover the new press article by Fstoppers : Fstoppers Reviews the Long Duration and Self-Powered Time-Lapse Tikee Camera

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  2. Enlaps takes a step forward by reaching 100% growth in 2020, driven by strong international development

    Grenoble, February 25, 2021 - Grenoble-based start-up Enlaps, inventor of the Tikee timelapse solution, takes a step forward in its development and growth by announcing that his revenues have doubled in 2020 despite the economic context ('3 million Euros in full year).

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  3. How to customize the iframe of your timelapse project?

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  4. Filippo Rivetti review of TikeePRO2+ time lapse camera

    We had the honor to present our timelapse solution to Filippo Rivetti and to offer him a TikeePRO2+ time lapse camera to allow him to test it.

    After discovering  and installing his TikeePRO2+, he tested the TikeePRO2+ on several long-term and short-term timelapses facing the beautiful Sydney Bay. He offers us a complete review of the Tikee solution by Enlaps for our greatest pleasure.


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  5. Learn how to manage time changes for your Tikee camera

    Time changes are not always automatically well managed by connected objects and often a change in the settings is necessary. In this article, we explain how to properly reparameterize your Tikee camera during a time change (without changing time zone).

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  6. Meeting The Timelapse Store in the UK

    At the beginning of the year 2020, our distribution network has expanded. You can now find our professional timelapse cameras and accessories at our retailer The Timelapse Store in the UK. In order to start in the best conditions, we went to meet them in their office near the British capital.

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  7. Tikee timelapse camera test by an audiovisual production company

    Timelapse camera feedback from Jean-Dominique Lamy, Director for the company Imagine Créations in Rochefort.

    “My experience with timelapse cameras goes back more than twenty years.

    At the time our company, based in Dubai, was monitoring the construction site of the Burj al Arab, the highest hotel in the world.

    Every month we would go up to the building opposite with an electronic level, camera and stand to take a video sequence of the progress of the construction site…

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  8. Add an immersive effect to your timelapse with the spherical pan & zoom

    The high native resolution of the Tikee camera and its 220° panoramic field of view offer incredible possibilities for immersion into the heart of the scene. Here we will teach you how to add a spherical pan&zoom effect to your timelapse.

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  9. How to correct the horizon of a timelapse made with Tikee?

    Thanks to the wide field of view (220°), the images made by Tikee have a panoramic format. This is why you can sometimes notice “distortions” if you have installed your camera with tilt: some lines that are straight in reality appear curved in the picture.

    In this technical blog post, more advanced than the previous ones, we will see how to correct this skyline and generate a more aesthetic timelapse.

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  10. How to generate a timelapse from DNG images with Tikee?

    In this article, we will only detail how to capture images in DNG format with Tikee, what to pay attention to when developing images, and how to generate a timelapse on our platform.

    We will not detail the specificities of the development of the DNG for the timelapse (temporal coherence of the parameters, antiflicker, etc.). This will probably be the subject of a future blog post;)

    The Tikee lets you capture in DNG format. This standard format, created by Adobe, allows to store RAW (raw sensor) image as well as information about the camera and shooting conditions in order to be able to “develop” it in a dedicated software (Adobe Lightroom CC by example). This workflow is highly appreciated by photographers because it allows to obtain a personalized rendering of the colors, and to make anti-noise and edge enhancement adjustments different fro

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