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  1. Time Lapse – From Earth to Milky way – Dominique Joubert

    Le plateau d’Emparis, le lac noir, la Meije… un spot idéal pour réussir un timelapse. Un brin de nuages, pas trop pour laisser la Mei

  2. Time Lapse – The spirit of the chapel – Dominique Joubert

    Le barrage du Roselend, c’est aussi l’histoire de cette magnifique petite chapelle au bord du lac de Roselend. Un premier plan magnifique pour un  timelapse avec

  3. Time Lapse – Behind the Clouds – Dominique Joubert

    Mi Juin 2015, la voie lactée se lève sur le Mont Blanc. Pour un tel timelapse, le spot tout désigné est le lac des Chéserys dans les Aiguilles rouges, face

  4. Time Lapse – Chamonix in motion – Fontanel Julien

    Ces quelques minutes pour vous faire découvrir le résultat de plusieurs techniques photographiques. Toutes prises à intervalles de temps au cœur des rue

  5. Time Lapse – Aurora Ouluensis – Kai Ojala

    Backyard astrophotography peppered with Aurora Borealis.  Recorded in Oulu, Finland.

  6. Time Lapse – On the Earth – Kai Ojala

    Video is recorded in Finland, Lake Lappajärvi, Kärnä during my summer holiday nights in mid-July 2013, when “Super Moon” was rising in the scenery illumi

  7. Time Lapse – Saturated Night Sky – Kai Ojala

    At the end of October.2014 I put the camera shooting all (2) clear nights long in the lake Lappajärvi, Finland.


  8. Time Lapse – Annecy in Motion – Yannick Cerrutti

    Shot between March and July 2015, combining timelapses and hyperlapses, here is Annecy (a French city in the Alps) in Motion and in 4K. More

  9. Time Lapse – Lunar Eclipse September 2015 – Brad Dassey

    I sat outside for 3.5 hours taking photos every 1 minute of the eclipse.  Then it took me about 15 hours to process the photos, align the moon in the

  10. Time Lapse – Ballooning – Ulysse

    Mon premier essais de time-lapse aux 30ème Montgolfiades de Rocamadour. Canon 600D + Fisheye lens.

  11. Time Lapse – Demo 2015 – Damien Deschamps

    Still photography timelapse. From the Icelandic glacial lagoon to the Mont Blanc Massif in the french Alps. Timelaspe photography showreel © Damien Deschamps

  12. Time Lapse – Milky Way – Mathieu Descombes

    Ensemble de Timelapses de cet été 2015.

  13. Time Lapse – Midtown Aarhus – Jonas Høholt

    This is a 4 month long project about my home town Aarhus in the central part of Denmark. I’ve used timelapse, hyperlapse and sound FX to get the viewer t

  14. Time Lapse – Kite Surfing in Cabarete – Mirko Maier

    Kite surf in Domincan Republic.

  15. Animated tower…

    This time an artistic and fun project, do not miss the making off at the end of the video ! Thanks to

  16. Super moon eclipse!

    A rare phenomenon occurred in the night from Sunday to Monday : a moon eclipse coupled with a super moon, next similar event will happen in 2033 … Fortunately f

  17. Singapore as a lego city thanks to a tilt shift effect!

    The tilt-shifting gives a “model”effect to a time-lapse playing on the blurred or not areas. Have a look to this beautiful example created by Keith Lou

  18. Impressive weather events captured in time lapse…

    Extreme weather events as you have rarely seen thanks to Jeff Boyce, nature in all its splendor and power …

  19. 1 year time lapse in the “Parc National des Ecrins”

    Nice technical achievement of the “Parc National des Ecrins” which achieved a one year time lapse to follow the flow of a glacier. A great future possible app

  20. Astronaut – A journey to space

    This Monday we would like to share this incredible time lapse made by Guillaume Juin !

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