Facebook added some weeks ago the video cover feature. Lots of pages decided to jump in this new feature since it gives a whole new dimension to Facebook’s pages. Netflix, Go Pro and Walt Disney World are just some examples using it.

Time lapses added value to video cover on Facebook

To start with, it is important to know that these videos are starting automatically, have no sound and are on repeat. It means you have to find a content which can attract the attention and hold it. And that is where time lapse comes in! It is truly the best way to use the video cover function since it can easily catch and keep attention. That is why it is perfect for an artist to show how is art was made, for an event to showcase the previous edition or to promote a touristic area. Plus, it is relatively easy to master the time lapse technique, by the way, we have made an article dealing with it.

Some examples of video cover

Besides our Facebook which uses the video cover to display some time lapses we have made, other pages choose to make a video cover with time lapses. For instance, Le Blog de Madagascar is displaying a calm time lapse of a beach from Madagascar. This soothing video sounds as if we are currently walking on the beach and it adorns the Facebook page.

Flixel has chosen to display a Facebook cover mixing timelapse and cinemagraph. Cinemagraph is a king of special technique freezing a part of the image to give some relief to the video. Here, static counters the background enhanced by the timelapse effect. This is pretty interesting and totally original !

How to integrate a video cover on a Facebook page ?

There is some constraints which can prevents you from displaying a video cover on Facebook. First of all, the video as to be a certain size. Your video can’t be less than 820*420px yet Facebook advise you to upload a 820*426px video. It is a kind of akward video size and you might need to resize or crop your media. In addition, your video has to be more than thirty seconds long.

Moreover, this video cover function is still unstable and the upload button might disappear for a while. It is even possible than it isn’t available on your page yet or that the vide fill freeze and display just a still.

It remains to be seen if this new trends will succeed in not fading away after a while.