Many of us had the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful places in Europe. We discover them through our walks, our photographs or our videos. The timelapse video let you discover these same countries through a new eye with imperceptible events at the precise moment but incredibly beautiful when gathered and accelerated. Let’s go for a tour of Europe of the most beautiful timelapse videos …

5. Latvia

At the border of Russia, Latvia is located in northern Europe. It is a small country by its size with only 2 million inhabitants but large by its richness with many cultures (at least 7 different) and a flourishing nature. It is one of the greenest countries with one of the world’s rarest ecosystems.
The video timelapse below summarizes in a few minutes the most beautiful shades of colors of the wild lands of Latvia …

Credits : Colourful Shades of Lativa by Kaspars Daleckis


4. Sweden

A capital whose archipelago is made up of 24,000 islands, an ultra-sought-after design, ice-skating hikes, the right of free access to nature … Have you ever visited this country? Rich in many natural spaces, an impressive diversity of fauna and flora, Sweden is a wonderful place to make breathtaking timelapse videos. Let’s loose yourself in the heart of its green forests and peaceful lakes …

Credits : The Beauty of Sweden and Norway – A Time Lapse Journey by Tommaso Maiocchi


3. Norway

Often known as the country of the fjords, it hosts the first underwater restaurant in Europe 5 meters below sea level. You guessed it, we go to Norway through a mystical timelapse video that transports us between fjords, small marinas and seas of clouds. Let yourself be transported by these wild landscapes and colorful houses!

Credits : Mystic Norway by Tomi Rantanen


2. Finland

This country is also nicknamed the “country of a thousand lakes”  actually counts 188 000 lakes

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