Masterlock Python cable lock

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Masterlock Python security cable to secure your Tikee time lapse camera



Master Lock Python Padlock Anti-theft cable with a patented adjustable locking mechanism that keeps the cable tight regardless of length

  • Braided steel 5mm in diameter and 1m80 in length ensures flexibility and resistance
  • Excess cable length retained by a storage band
  • Integrated pin locking mechanism for superior picking resistance
  • Rust-resistant and vinyl-coated cable for good weather and scratch resistance
  • 4 keys included





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Weight 0.3 kgs
Dimensions L : 180 mm Ø : 5 mm
Brand Masterlock Python
Color Black
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Anti-theft Python master lock cable for secure your camera time-lapse

Want to make awesome time lapse videos without the fear of camera loss? Here, we'll show you how to protect your gear from sticky-fingered thieves by securing it with a Python master lock anti-theft cable.


Time lapse photography is a prevalent technique used in videography, and it's a great way to make amazing videos. Time lapse recordings require a lot of time, which requires long exposure times, due to which there are high chances that the thief can steal time lapse cameras. It is easier for your camera to stay safe against theft by providing a Python master lock anti-theft cable.


Keeping the cable as secure as possible

Secure your camera with the Python master lock anti-theft cable. This adjustable, durable steel cable secures your equipment correctly. Its patented locking mechanism ensures that the cable stays tight, no matter how much you adjust it, so that you can protect your equipment in any location. This python master lock anti-theft cable is perfect for time lapse cameras that you don’t want to be stealing from thieves. 


 Don't let your favorite camera go missing! Whether you're a professional or amateur photographer, make it a habit to always keep your gear safe and secure. Python master lock anti-theft cable should be used to protect your camera whenever it's left unattended. It will help protect your camera against theft, or lost memories.

Protecting your valuable cameras from theft is a top priority. The Anti-theft Python master lock cable is a simple and effective way to protect your camera from theft while allowing for convenient camera operation. It's a must-have accessory for any time-lapse photographer.

You can easily adjust the cable with just one hand to fit over bikes, trees, poles, and more through an adjustable locking mechanism. This lock is suitable for many applications such as bikes, grills, ladders, and other valuables in your backyard while capturing your time lapse video. Protect your valuable time-lapse camera with the Python master lock anti-theft cable.


Protecting your gear with this anti-theft cable 

Protect your time lapse camera from theft with these anti-theft Python master lock cables. They're braided steel 5mm in diameter and 1m80 in length that ensures flexibility and resistance. You'll feel safer knowing that your time lapse camera is safe from thieves, who could steal it to use the memory cards for their camera.

The excess cable length is retained by a storage band, while the fastening clip keeps the cable in its place.  If someone tries to steal your camera, the looped end simply slides off the locking boss. With this lock in place, there is no way to remove the camera without cutting it off.

This cable is perfect for attaching your time lapse camera to any place you want to. It features an integrated pin locking mechanism for superior picking resistance, a cable hook on one end. 

The cable has a vinyl-coated finish, making the cables more resistant to rusting and adding scratch resistance. That’s right; you can now rest assured that your time lapse camera is safe from both rust and scratches!

The Python master lock anti-theft cable with four keys is ideal for locking and essential support, which is particularly important when you use a tripod, pole, or any other type of equipment to capture your time lapse videos. 


Picking up the right lock for your needs

Another complication with security is the fact that it makes everyday use more of a hassle. If a lock is so difficult to operate that you can’t quickly pack it in a rush, then its security might as well not exist at all. You want to have protection without having to think about whether you have it. Some time lapse cameras are expensive, so keeping them safe is essential. This Python master lock anti-theft cable will do just that.

A time lapse camera is a considerable investment that you want to protect. An anti-theft lock will help stop thieves and give you peace of mind, and we’ve got a great pick for your need.  Anti-theft Python master lock cable is the perfect way to secure your time lapse camera against unauthorized removal. 

Photos are irreplaceable. It's not just the photographer's art on display but also something that represents a crucial moment in their life. We've all heard plenty of stories about cameras, lenses, and other photography equipment being stolen or lost. Now it’s your turn to install your own Anti-Theft Python Master Lock Cable onto your camera. If you're familiar with Python Cable, it's easy to see why many people use this security cable to secure their equipment.

If you’re taking your camera or accessories outside , then choosing the right lock is essential to prevent suspicious encounters with people who might be tempted to take a look inside. Python master lock anti-theft cable is a must have accessory for your time lapse camera to keep it safe from thieves. 

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Masterlock Python cable lock
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