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Which Tikee timelapse camera is right for you?

Tikee 3
As low as €1,140.00 €950.00
Panoramic view 220°
Wifi or 4G LTE
Solar panel and battery
Mini. Interval : 5 minutes
Tikee 3 PRO
As low as €1,800.00 €1,500.00
Panoramic view 220°
Wifi or 4G LTE
Solar panel and battery
Mini. Interval : 30 seconds
Full HD, 4K, 6K
3 advanced image sending modes
Autonomy optimization with adaptive interval
24/7 synchronization via Always-On mode
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The best technologies for Professional Time Lapses

HFOV slide1
HFOV slide 3
HFOV catégorie caméra slide 2

6K 220°

Two wide-angle lenses for an outstanding image quality; two photos combined for breathtaking scenic views. Choose between Full HD, 4K or 6K for your timelapse photography.

100% self-sufficient

Our Tikee timelapse cameras are equipped with a high-performance battery for taking up to 6,000 photos without sunshine in "Event" mode.

100% connected

Use 4G or Wi-Fi to send your data to myTikee, Enlaps’ secure cloud platform. Adapt your Tikee timelapse camera’s connectivity to your needs.

Partner testimony

After 3 years of using my timelapse camera, I can say that the Tikee solution has been an asset for my activity. Once you get familiar with it, the case quickly becomes an essential tool, with unrivalled value for money and, what’s more, made in France.

Frédéric Lardin, Tichodrone

enlaps academy
enlaps academy

Our tips for making the most of Tikee's features.


Tikee solution

How to Get Started with Tikee?

Tikee solution

How to setup Tikee timelapse camera on a construction site?

Tikee solution

How to share and download on myTikee?

Tikee solution

myTikee : how to get 3 videos formats?
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