Telescopic fixing pole

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Telescopic fixing pole for Tikee timelapse cameras

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Telescopic fixing pole for Tikee time lapse cameras

Height between 1,50m and 5m
1/4 standard thread
Included :

  • 1 pole support
  • 1 pole
  • 1 adjustable support adapted to Tikee cameras
  • 1 padlock


(Tikee time lapse camera not included)





More Information
Weight 15 kgs
Materials Support: steel
Mast and ball joint: aluminum
Orientation 360° Rotation Tilt - 30° / +15°
Thread standard 1/4
Height Entre 1,50 et 5m
Dimensions 190 × 15 × 15 cm

Downloadable resources

Datasheet Pole (pdf 161.9 kB)

Set Up and Haul Your Tikee Camera With This Telescopic Fixing Pole

A telescopic pole scope will allow you to mount your camera on a higher length and get a better view of your location. If you want to shoot the sky or a better angle alignment to capture trees, buildings, or any object, then this equipment is surely for you. The telescopic Fixing Pole is designed specifically to provide Tikee users flexibility in capturing images from a wider mode of view. 


Telescopic Fixing Pole Specifications

The pole is 15 kilograms (kg) in weight and telescope height alignment is adjustable from 1.5 to 5 meters (m). You can freely control it according to your preferred height. Frame dimensions are 190 x 15 x 15 centimeters (cm).

Structural support is made up of steel, while the mast and ball joint part is built with aluminum. The ball head enables 360 degrees vertical rotation and a tilt rotation of -30 to +15 degrees.


Product Inclusions:

  • 1 support pole for the truss
  • 1 single pole
  • 1 adjustable support designed specifically for Tikee cameras
  • 1 padlock for security purposes


Why Purchase Telescopic Fixing Pole

Camera setup and preparation are of the utmost importance when you are into photography to ensure that you will get the best video and image results. Usually, a tripod is one of the essential pieces of equipment used to mount a camera to ensure the stability of the shoot, because the slightest movement will impact the outcome of your images especially if it will be used for a time lapse video. The Telescopic Fixing Pole may look cumbersome, but will surely be useful for certain purposes. First, it will ensure a very stable mount of your Tikee camera, best for long-term use. Second, use it where there is nothing else to fix your timelapse camera. It is built to enable you to capture images from a higher view and a wider angle with its adjustable telescopic pole, and 360 degrees rotation and tilt adjustments. You can easily move your camera as well and control where it faces, so you can shoot your preferred area.

How to Set Up Telescopic Fixing Pole

  1. Set up the base of the telescope pole scope on the frame baseplate with screws (not provided). 
  2. Loosen the 6 M8 screws on the telescope pole scope.
  3. Fix the Tikee time-lapse camera on the top of the telescope by tightening the small ¼” screw.
  4. Position now the telescope on the frame support and move it according to the height preferred. Once attained, align the lock.
  5. Tighten the 6 screws found in the pole that were loosened earlier.
  6. Freely control and adjust pole height and camera orientation with the 13 mm wrench clamps.
  7. Set up the padlock to secure the pole.

View the small leaflet manual object included in the shipping for more detailed settings specifications and visual mode of notice.


Benefits of Telescopic Fixing Pole

Telescopic Fixing Pole is built to be a more advanced mounting apparatus as compared to a simple tripod object. This telescope pole scope will offer a more sturdy and durable structure when you mount your camera. It will also provide the best alignment possible as it gives a higher height, best for sky photography. Do not be afraid to be an adventurer and freely take out your camera in the field to shoot the sky, trees, and nature with the telescope pole scope. Even if your camera is at a heightened structure, you do not have to worry about your camera falling or dropping because you know it is attached securely to the pole. 

Have the most flexibility to shoot your camera great images for your time lapse video. Adjust your camera easily with its rotating and tilting joint head. Capture the cloudy sky or the countryside view like a pro and shoot the most out of the view.

Time-lapse photography is a really exciting way to capture the beauty of the world. It can be deeply satisfying to watch an entire year pass by in just a couple of minutes. Shooting such lengthy projects or object transitions is not a problem if you just mount your time lapse camera to the Telescopic Fixing Pole.


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