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Enlaps has developed artificial intelligence algorithms on mytikee time lapses creation platform. Among the available features:

  • Blurring people : for your time lapse to be GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant, our algorithms allow you to obtain a selective blurring in order to anonymize the visible and recognizable persons on the different projects.
  • Vehicle detection and counting and/or people : our technology allows you to obtain data over the entire duration of your project (see different graphs below).

Thanks to its 220 ° horizontal angle, the Tikee camera covers a very large field of vision.
Thanks to its very high resolution, it also offers good detection performance.


Using Artificial Intelligence to comply with the GDPR and blurring people
Main goal

Anonymization of a scene (photo or video) to respect the right to privacy in a time lapse video in accordance with the GDPR and the CNIL.

myTikee PRO storytelling RGPD 1


Use of Artificial Intelligence for detection and counting of vehicles
Main goals


  • Activity Tracking
  • On-site affluence


  • Number of vehicles
  • Traffic Analysis (per hour, per type, etc.)

myTikee PRO storytelling RGPD 2


Use of Artificial Intelligence for the detection and counting of people
Main goals

Detection :

  • Presence identification

Counting :

  • Number of people
  • Crowd
  • Analysis of the traffic according to the hours and the zones in order to optimize the various services of the concerned site

myTikee PRO storytelling RGPD 3




More Information
Description Blurring or masking GDPR: anonymization of a scene in order to respect the right to privacy in accordance with the GDPR and the CNIL.
Portfolios Advanced sharing of multiple viewpoints in a portfolio for easy integration
Image transfer to FTP server Image transfer on FTP (option)
Map of viewpoint locations Navigation between points of view using a map
Viewpoint gallery Portfolio regrouping different points of view
AI filtering Filtering by IA of the photos: Nice weather, snow, good visibility, beautiful sky
News feed Viewsfeed: automatic content selection and generation
Blurring Blurring or masking included
Projects from left, right or panoramic images Points of view from left, right or panoramic images of the Tikee
Email notifications Email alerts
Camera Dashboard for managing your fleet of cameras and email alerts of anomalies
Custom watermark Custom video watermark
Hosted images Up to 100,000 images hosted per camera
Video rendering Max video resolution: 6K
Timelapse builder Timelapse builder (automated, professional-quality video post-production) with image stabilization (current 2021)
Enhanced Image Gallery Advanced viewing gallery: panoramic view, immersive, before/after image comparison, favorites
Sharing options Public sharing and Facebook
Multiple video sharing options and enhanced image galleries by private link and iframe
On-the-fly creation Timelapse video editing: on-the-fly creation, photo filtering, Pan&Zoom effect
subscription period 3, 6 or 12 months
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