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1 purchased license is required per camera connected to the myTikee account

It's not possible to have different myTikee offers on a single myTikee account. To have access to the Storytelling features, you need as many Storytelling licenses as there are Tikee cameras connected to your account.




A professional automated content creation platform for next-generation deliverables leveraging the full power of Artificial Intelligence.

myTikee Storytelling Features
Portfolio mode

Organize and group the different points of view that your Tikee timelapse camera captured into a single portfolio.

Navigation between points of view

Take advantage of the geolocation of your innovative timelapse cameras to navigate between your different points of view on a virtual map.

Smart filtering

Our professional timelapse software allows you to select your photos in a snap with our Artificial Intelligence filters: good weather, snow, good visibility, or even a beautiful sky.


Enrich your story every day with optimized content selected and automatically created by our AI-powered timelapse software myTikee PRO Storytelling.

Advanced sharing

A platform designed for timelapse professionals that lets you choose between many portfolios, sharing options via private links and fully customizable iframes.

Control Room

Follow your portfolio in real time in full screen with new photos from all your points of view.


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More Information
Description A professional automated content creation cloud platform for next-generation deliverables leveraging the full power of Artificial Intelligence.
Portfolios Advanced sharing of multiple viewpoints in a portfolio for easy integration
Image transfer to FTP server Image transfer on FTP (option)
Map of viewpoint locations Navigation between points of view using a map
Viewpoint gallery Portfolio (AI filters, Viewsfeed, map)
AI filtering Filtering by IA of the photos: Nice weather, snow, good visibility, beautiful sky
News feed Viewsfeed: automatic content selection and generation
Projects from left, right or panoramic images Points of view from left, right or panoramic images of the Tikee
Email notifications Email alerts
Camera Dashboard for managing your fleet of cameras and email alerts of anomalies
Custom watermark Custom video watermark
Hosted images Up to 100,000 images hosted per camera
Video rendering Max video resolution: 6K
Timelapse builder Advanced Timelapse Builder based on AI features and image stabilization
Enhanced Image Gallery Advanced viewing gallery: panoramic view, immersive, before/after image comparison, favorites
Sharing options Advanced shareable features
Advanced pictures filtering Advanced filtering of your photos
On-the-fly creation Timelapse video editing: on-the-fly creation, photo filtering, Pan&Zoom effect
subscription period 3, 6 or 12 months
Mask blurring Mask blurring
Stabilization Stabilization

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The Best Automatic Time Lapse Video Software to Tell Your Stories: myTikee Storytelling

Oblivious to the fact of what a time lapse video is? You've probably seen one in a film, TV show, or documentary. Despite their specificity, time lapses are widely used in video entertainment. Learn how to generate great time lapse content with the right software editing tool.


Time lapse is a method of shooting frames significantly slower than normal (e.g., 24 frames per minute instead of per second). This speeds up the action. Clouds moving or plants growing is common in nature documentaries, but also used in other genres. Using a slower shutter speed and extending the exposure time can create the illusion of motion in a static image. You might be wondering now where and how you can have free timelapse software? Well, myTikee is one of the best free timelapse software!

myTikee Storytelling Features

All you have to do is to download myTikee as it is now one of the most ultimate tools for automating your personal storytelling. myTikee PRO, one of its plan versions, automatically creates professional-looking time lapse videos from your photos. myTikee is the best video creation software when making great time lapse videos. It is an easy-to-use setup, and its graphic interface allows multiple automatic recording types to be captured and created within the program.


You have probably seen the cool time lapse videos of sunsets, clouds moving, plants growing, etc., and thought it must have been challenging to create something like that. But actually, they can be automated! With the help of myTikee software, you yourself can now create a time lapse by simply setting your camera to take photos every few minutes. Afterward, the software will create a time lapse video for you at the touch of a button!


Here are some of the software’s features:



myTikee is an easy solution to create a great timelapse. It lets you automatically sync photos, create professional videos and share them on the web or social networks. The app to use for creating unique timelapse movies. It gathers all the numerous perspectives that your Tikee time lapse camera shot into a single portfolio by organizing and grouping them. It allows you to create render-friendly movies for YouTube and Vimeo.


Post-process movies with filters and presets, export videos in different ways, create stunning time-lapses with ease, generate industry-quality reports about your videos, protect your videos with passwords, and much more!


Navigation between points of view

This breakthrough technology allows you to navigate between multiple cameras in a timelapse movie and create a smooth look for the most advanced storytelling software available. It uses revolutionary time lapse cameras' geolocation; you may browse between multiple points of view on a virtual map as you wish.


It has a draggable viewing window for point-and-click navigation between points of view, a very intuitive time slider with scene detection, and a unique scene marker system with zooming, scaling, and rotation. It can also support an unlimited number of video layers on the canvas, a matte creation tool for 3D looks, and has a camera settings panel for quick adjustments.


Smart Filtering

myTikee Storytelling lets you choose exactly what you want to capture, and when. Our Artificial Intelligence filters - good weather, snow, good visibility, or even a beautiful sky - help you find the best moments in your timelapse. These filters are designed to make your timelapse creation easier! All you have to do is select the right filter, depending on weather conditions or other factors.


myTikee Storytelling is a smart filtering tool for photos, videos, and timelapse software with no editing needed! It automatically detects the best moments in your photos and creates professional videos or timelapse movies to share online, in real-time!



Looking for an easy way to make your timelapse videos more shareable and eye-catching? myTikee Storytelling features a revolutionary AI-powered algorithm, which intelligently analyzes thousands of timelapse videos to create amazing content for your story. It will optimize all your photos and videos by using the best frames, filters, and keywords. That way you only have to create one video every day, then myTikee, the timelapse editor tool, does the rest.


Enrich your story every day with optimization. Its AI engine will turn timelapse videos into breathtaking stories, all while you are away. It organizes your content in a meaningful way, to be shared on all your social media channels.


Advanced Sharing

Do you love sharing your timelapses? myTikee Storytelling is a platform designed for time lapse professionals. Create beautiful timelapse videos featuring your work, photos, videos, and text. Not only can you discover any public track shared by any member of myTikee Storytelling , but you can also add your friends and see their amazing file content without leaving the app.

Utilize the myTikee Storytelling Features to build your own free online gallery! The software enables you to easily create your own portfolio with unlimited projects, easy sharing via private links, and fully customizable ShareBoxes. Create a portfolio, link to your website, and share every file with ease via private links. Customize the look and feel of your content with fully customizable iframe embeds.


Additional myTikee Storytelling Specifications

The myTikee Storytelling software automates content creation for next-generation deliverables, leveraging the full power of artificial intelligence. The easy-to-use dashboards teach it how to monitor your Tikee camera, pinpoint areas of interest, and take the right photo at the right moment. It is an HD camera driving system, combined with a powerful Artificial Intelligence engine. It uses global positioning systems (GPS) to track its position. Likewise, it also features a wide-angle contour camera with Bluetooth to take images when it reaches certain points in its path. All these features are built within the software’s system to ensure that your time lapse will be at its best version possible. The only step that it mainly requires you to do is specify your desired level of automation, and myTikee Storytelling will do the rest of the editing process for you. Expect to generate a time lapse video of quality with a high resolution, stable frame, and unique effects to share your story.


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myTikee Storytelling