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In 2021, on the occasion of the COP26, Enlaps, the France-base technology company that provides digital image solutions, launched Planet Watch by Enlaps, a project that will enable the collaborative creation of glacier data mapping that is accessible to the entire scientific community, as well as decision makers and citizens. Indeed, in the field of research, timelapse is used a lot for glaciers.


Planet Watch by Enlaps will support this research by providing ten Enlaps Tikee, cameras, as well as free access to the myTikee cloud platform.


Glaciologists who are selected to partake in the initiative will help advance the study of glaciers across the world, by helping to document and measure the impact of global warming.


The aim of this call for projects is to raise public awareness of ecological issues, fuel international initiatives and provide scientists around the world with exclusive and useful data.



On October 31st 2021, the call for Planet Watch by Enlaps projects was opened by Heidi Sevestre (glaciologist, director of communication at ICPP, project coordinator at AMAP) during the COP26. Applicants had until January 15th 2022 to apply online and propose projects that are as carbon-neutral as possible and useful to the international scientific community.


The jury, composed of Antoine Auberton (CEO of Enlaps), Heidi Sevestre, Luc Moreau (glaciologist associated with the Edytem CNRS laboratory), Yann Arthus-Bertrand (President of the Good Planet Foundation), and Sophie Szopa (director of research at the climate and environment laboratory, author of the IPCC Group 1 report), selected the ten projects on the basis of their scientific interest and the emblematic dimension of the chosen location, as well as their technical feasibility.



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Heidi Sevestre

“I am proud to join forces with this initiative for the advancement of our science, but also to make it accessible to the largest possible audience! Having installed Tikee cameras in the Arctic and around tropical glaciers, I know the impact that time-lapse will have on decision-makers and the public opinion.

Heidi Sevestre

Glaciologist, ICPP communication direction, AMAP project coordinator

Luc Moreau

We are all responsible, and are aware today that we have made mistakes, because everything is "linked", "connected" on our planet, because the Nature is talking to us: our glaciers are shrinking exponentially, animals are disappearing, clean fresh water is becoming scarce (1% of the water on Earth), air often becomes unbreathable in cities. We are consuming 1.7 planets each year, and we don't have any more. We see our mistakes, let's fix them because there are still many things we can do to preserve for the well-being of LIFE: solutions are there, let's develop them!

Luc Moreau

Glaciologist associated with the Edytem CNRS laboratory

Yann Arthus-Bertrand

I am delighted to be partnering with my GoodPlanet Foundation on this essential project. Source of 70% of the fresh water on earth, these ice giants, so essential to life, are the first witnesses of the global warming of our planet.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand

President & founder, Good Planet Fondation

Antoine Auberton

Protecting the environment has always been core to Enlaps' values. Located in the heart of the mountains, we were able to establish a natural dialogue with the glaciologists who use our Tikee (Time Keeper) solution. By their side, we noticed that it was imperative to quickly consider the impact of global warming. The latest IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report demonstrates this urgency, and it is in this spirit that we want to contribute to mobilization and awareness through the Planet Watch initiative.

Antoine Auberton

CEO, Enlaps

Sophie Szopa

For the past few decades, glacier melt has been occurring around the world. The latest IPCC report shows that this widespread loss is unprecedented in at least 2000 years. This project will help make these changes perceptible in hard-to-reach environments and leave visual evidence of this loss for future generations.

Sophie Szopa

Researcher at the climate and environment laboratory, author for the IPCC


Selected researchers will have free access to multiple resources, such as a self-sufficient Tikee 3 PRO camera - connected via 4G to the myTikee SaaS cloud platform for editing, analysis and sharing -, scientific support and technical recommendations. Enlaps' Tikee 3 PRO solution, which is energy autonomous thanks to the integration of photovoltaic panels, facilitates research projects due to its remotely data sharing capacity. Already, Enlaps’ Tikee cameras monitor and analyze glaciers across the world, from Santa Isabel (Colombia), to Fellaria (Italy), Combe Maudite (France), Heinabergjokull (Iceland), and many others.


Jury members will be particularly keen to ensure that the data is understood by all citizens and public decision-makers. At the same time, the data will be a source of information for scientists around the world, who need as much data as possible to refine their analyses and recommendations. This digital cartography will be expanded each year, to cover a significant part of the world's cryosphere.



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