Stainless steel reinforcement

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Stainless steel reinforcement for Tikee 3 and Tikee 3 PRO

Can only be used with Tikee stainless steel arm.

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Stainless steel reinforcement for Tikee.

To be fixed under the Tikee timelapse camera using the 4 screws provided (dome head plastic screws 4x10 mm).

The stainless steel reinforcement provides additional strength to the camera when used on a stainless steel mounting arm (for long term timelapse cameras especially).


Can only be used with Tikee stainless steel mounting arm (countersunk heads screws M4X12 mm).

(Tikee timelapse camera not included)





More Information
Weight 0.5 kgs
Dimensions 12 × 12.8 × 0.3 cm
Materials Stainless steel
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Stainless Steel Reinforcement For Your Tikee 3 and Tikee 3 PRO Cameras

Enlaps is proud to announce the product for mounting your Tikee timelapse camera like a pro, the Stainless Steel Reinforcement. This is a great accessory to connect your Tikee cameras, specifically the Tikee 3 and Tikee 3 PRO, in the Tikee Stainless Steel Arm product easily. Stainless Steel Reinforcement will also provide added security by keeping the camera more stable. This will especially be useful during long-term projects such as shooting the development of a construction site project.

Stainless Steel Reinforcement can easily be fixed under your Tikee timelapse camera with just four screws. It will serve as a tray before you connect it with Stainless Steel Mounting Arm. These are the perfect duo equipment for mounting your camera on a railing, fence post, or any other object that is parallel or tubular in structure. Your camera will definitely not shake or vibrate when mounted on the reinforcement and mounting arm together, and shooting will surely result in great and stable time lapse images.


Features of Tikee Stainless Steel Reinforcement

  • Compatible with Tikee Stainless Steel Mounting Arm.
  • Designed to fit Tikee 3 and Tikee 3 PRO time lapse cameras.
  • Easy installation with just four (4) screws.
  • Light weight: 0.5 kilograms.
  • Dimensions: 12 x 12.8 x 0.3 centimeter.
  • Stainless steel is the primary material.

Tikee Stainless Steel Reinforcement is a product to be fixed beneath your Tikee time lapse camera using the 4 screws supplied. It gives extra strength and mounting security to the camera when you connect it with the Stainless Steel Arm and is best used for long-term time lapse projects.


Why Tikee 3 and Tikee 3 PRO Camera Users Need Stainless Steel Reinforcement

This product perfectly fits the Tikee 3 and Tikee 3 PRO model of cameras and what makes it a must-have is its ability to make the images you capture look professional. Imagine a routine photo or video you took where your time lapse camera shakes around wildly while shooting due to uneven ground, resulting in an unbalanced and shaky photo or video. You do not want that to happen when shooting time lapse as stability matters a lot. Now, imagine a photo or video where the tripod stays in one place while the camera moves with it. That's the look you want to create. But this time, in a more secure mounting apparatus where you can leave your camera on the wall or any tubular structure.

Tikee Stainless Steel Reinforcement is designed to be sturdy and able to withstand any environmental condition. It is made of a special stainless steel alloy that is strong and durable enough to withstand drops and falls. It is made to last and will secure the mounting of your camera for years to come.


How to Install the Stainless Steel Reinforcement?

Installing Stainless-Steel Reinforcement is done easily. You first have to connect the reinforcement to the mounting arm with four countersunk head screws, then attach your Tikee camera on the reinforcement tray afterward (with four dome head screws). A leaflet manual is included which you can view for visual directions. 

Use this reinforcement product together with the mounting arm to set up your Tikee camera either indoors or outdoors. This set of apparatus will enable you to capture a wide angle of the view, so you can compile great images for your time lapse video. 


Benefits of the Tikee Stainless-Steel Reinforcement

  • Higher quality and stable images capture
  • Stops camera shake or movement
  • Made of stainless steel for maximum durability
  • An easy-to-use mounting system with no extra parts to purchase

If you are looking for an affordable way to stabilize the mounting of your Tikee time lapse camera, then this is the perfect solution for you.


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