More about time lapse



Stand out from the crowd

A timelapse is a short video that allows to reveal the evolution of a series of events, invisible to the eye. This photographic technique makes it possible to follow the evolution of an object over a longer or shorter period.

Choose the story you want to tell

The time lapse is used to observe the hatching of a flower, to follow a sporting event or a show, or a construction site, etc. Thanks to the timelapse you can follow in a few seconds the evolution of an event normally too long to be perceived in real time.

A need for new digital emotions

Publications with videos are 10 time more shared compared with texts or images ... Digital imaging is a unique way to save time, memories and emotions. Nowadays technologies can ensure that each image is a story worth to reveal, analyze and share.

Construction & communication tool

To immortalize several months of work and to value the result, time lapse is probably the most suitable tool. With the timelapse, site monitoring becomes a communication tool that can be relayed on social networks or broadcast during an inauguration.

Events & storytelling

To capture the before, during and after dynamics of an event, time lapse is the best media. Time lapse is a great storytelling tool for brands and for all those who have a story to tell, an event to immortalize. You can tell in a timelapse what you could not describe in a few words. The timelapse allows to say more in less time. ...

Living moments & emotions

A long-term event, incredible images, emotions, art, imagination, time lapse is a bit all this at the same time. It’s not about describing an event, a photograph, a video, it’s about living it. Time lapse can capture the emotions and highlights all types of moments. You will never relive your memories again in the same way.