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Protective soft case for Tikee timelapse camera

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Protective soft case for Tikee timelapse camera with location for the SD card

(Tikee timelapse camera and accessories not included)



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Weight 0.5 kgs
Materials Molded EVA foam
High resistance fabric
Color Black


Soft Case for Your Tikee Time Lapse Camera

A time lapse video content is usually better when the cameras capture images from an outdoor setup because it gets the best lighting possible. Time lapse videos with a focus on outdoor subjects are usually also the ones that end up being more entertaining to view. That is why you can see most pro photographers mount a timelapse camera in an external environment. The motion of stars at night light, the action of the people in the street, the movement of a motor vehicle, or the motion of the setting sun are some entertaining time-lapse videos to watch. 

To create more engaging time lapse videos for your time lapse photography, you may want to capture images on beautiful sceneries, and it must be worrisome for you on how to protect your time lapse camera when traveling with it. But in the case of a Tikee camera user, you do not have to worry because a soft case bag is made available as one of Tikee camera accessories to ensure the safety and protection of your Tikee time lapse camera.


Tikee Soft Case Product Details

Tikee Soft Case is a protective soft case gear specially made to support the protection of Tikee timelapse cameras. This is a case where you can put your timelapse camera for keeping whenever it is out of the mount. It is designed to perfectly fit your Tikee timelapse camera. Case weight is 0.5 kg making it light to carry anywhere whenever you want to travel to capture photos for your timelapse video on different locations to boost your timelapse photography. Soft Case is made of molded EVA foam and high-resistance fabric.. You can pay via online systems through a credit card system or debit card system to purchase, and the shipping of the item will take a full 48 hours.


Why Purchase the Soft Case for Your Tikee Timelapse Camera

If you wish to stop creating a time lapse video for a while and want to remove your Tikee camera out of the mount, then this is the case you will need to store it for the meantime. Or whenever you feel like traveling and want to bring your time lapse camera with you, this soft case is definitely a light and easy gear to travel with.

Tikee Soft Case protects the full camera item especially the lenses as the camera lens is the most sensitive part of a camera. The camera lens is most prone to damage because of its glass structure, and at the same time, it is also the most important part as this is where you control the focus point, FPS, digital sensor, and the filter and lighting mode. All these control systems are actually helpful to capture great and high-quality images for your time lapse videos. There is actually a lens protector gear available as one of the camera accessories as well, but having this soft case at the same time will provide additional protection for the camera lens and the camera item itself as a whole, plus storage for your SD cards as well.

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