Frequently Asked Questions

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Technical informations

I don’t know anything about photography and even less about time lapses, will I be able to use the device?

Definitely yes, the workflow has been defined to provide an easy and intuitive experience. It is not difficult to do the setting required, and even some presets settings, based on the event/scene you want to capture are simply automatic. However, advanced users can still fine tune as per their needs the settings and personalized them. Everything is optimized to offer a great experience for beginners and for professionals.

I already have a DSLR, a GoPro and a smartphone, I can already do some time lapses, why should I need an extra device?

DSLR is optimized for still picture and video, GoPro for action video, and smartphone for everyday pictures. Tikee is optimized for time lapse, energy management, storage space management, everything is designed especially for timelapse. Leading to long term time lapse capabilities, and easy post processing for large quantity of images.

What is the size and weight of the Tikee?

Width: 210mm / Depth: 180mm / Height: 70mm
Weight: 1.28 kg

What kind of support for Tikee ?

On the bottom of Tikee there is a 1/4 standard camera thread. So you can use for a long term time lapse a tripod or a wall mount system to have a rigid installation and avoid to have movements on your time lapse. For a few hours time lapse you can leave the Tikee on its rubber pad.

Can we recharge Tikee from a regular power outlet?

Of course Tikee can be recharged with any smartphone charger (Micro USB plug). The charger will transform 100v or 240V to recharge Tikee without problem.

Does Tikee have any anti-theft system?

Tikee can be secured in two ways. Tikee can detect any location change (This feature is based on Wifi or GPS, depending in your Tikee version). If any anormal movement is detected you wiil get a notification through mobile app or web app. In addition, there is a slot in the body to add a cable and padlock for more security.

What’s the battery-life of the Tikee (assuming no solar power)?

It really depends on the selected interval.
For example: Without sun: 1 photo every 15 minutes 24/24 with photos upload on the server: 10 days of autonomy;
Without upload : 30 days of autonomy.

How is the solar panel oriented?

The user can orient the solar panel in any direction thanks to a 360 ° rotating arm.

Can the solar panel recharge the lithium battery?

Yes it does.


Network, storage and upload

If connection is lost (wifi or 4G/3G) what will happen to the taken images?

All the pictures are stored on a memory stick so it will be saved. The SD card is a buffer, we push the data when a connection is available on secure web services.

On the site where I want to install Tikee there are no wifi and no telecom network, how long the SD card can last?

Tikee and TikeePRO have a SD slot for a memory card (up to 128 Go). If your Tikee is connected the SD card is used only as a buffer. With no connection, you can take about 1 picture every 5 minutes during 9 months with a 128 Go SD card.

Is the unit fitted with a hi-gain antenna to help it connect to weak Wifi signals?

We are thinking about this improvement.

My short-term timelapse is done, the photos are shown uploaded but I can not see them in a project on MyEnlaps. Why?

Calculating the fusion of left and right images of your Tikee may require up to 100 images (25 or more). Before this calculation, the project does not appear in your personal space and the photos are not visible. You can nevertheless check the status of your Tikee from the web application to check that it works.

MyEnlaps web app features

What are the Premium features of MyEnlaps web application?


What lenses are used on Tikee

Lenses are fixed focus with wide angle (HFOV : 149°), F2.8. Lens diameter 18mm (Action cam type). Final photos are 220°.

What size and resolution sensors are used?

Current selected sensor is 1/2.3 size, 16 Mpix per sensor. Full resolution images can be stored on SD card. Images uploaded to the server are resized and the final stitched panorama is about 3300*1300.

What is images resolution?

Sensor native resolution is 4608*3456 (Per sensor). Full size images can be stored on the SD card. On the web application, the images resolution are lower (In order to preserve your bandwidth) and about 3300*1300 for a panorama made from 2 stitched images. This size will allow you to create Full HD timelapses, with pan&zoom.

Can it create raw files and 4k video?

All the hardware itself has 4K capabilities however it is not compatible with the web editing and sharing functions (files size limitation). Advanced user can use raw data from the Tikee to generate 4K video with the pictures stored on the SD card and 3rd party software.

Is exposure duration controllable?

The exposure duration is automatic it’s a way for us to guarantee the best time lapse possible for any light conditions on the 2 cameras sensors.

What can be the interval between shots?

Interval can be set from 1 shot each 5 seconds to 1 per day.
Intervals below 1 min can be set for short events only (one hour to about half a day).
Intervals above 1 min can be set for longer events.

Can I shoot multiple sequences at the same time?

(ONCOMING FEATURE) Yes you can program several shooting sequences that are simultaneous or overlapping. Meaning if you want to cover a full month (with a long interval) and during this month focus on a special event.
Enlaps will take care of the 2 sequences and create 2 sets of pictures.

Is there an ability to engage an ND filter on the lens?

No it’s not possible for the moment.

Is there distortion due to the width of the images?

Yes like with any other wide angle lens, but it is corrected during the stitching operation.

Is there a way to program the Tikee so it only takes pictures during daylight hours?

Yes you can adjust the settings to daylight hours only if you want.

Are timelapses produced in-camera or only with the web app?

Time-lapses are produced via the webapp. This allow the user to create multiples time-lapses with the same image set, by changing the time scale, advanced filtering (For really long-term shooting), adding pan&zoom effect, etc.

Can the web app be used for composition/previewing shots?

(ONCOMING FEATURE) The mobile app can be used for previewing and framing without delay like a sport cam. The web app can be used for previewing the time lapse itself, even before the end of the shooting sequence.

Can 3rd party software be used or is edition limited to within the web app?

You can either use our web app or download your pictures and use your favorite software.

When zooming will the resolution of output video be limited by the resolution of smallest crop ?

The photo size stored on the application is higher than a full HD resolution, so you will be able to do a zoom keeping a final full HD video resolution.

Peut-on utiliser l’application web pour paramétrer une séquence de timelapse ?

Seule l’application mobile permet de paramétrer une séquence timelapse.

Is it possible to use only one of the lenses for shooting sequence?

On SD card, you can recover the left image and right image – not merged (since the merge is done on the web application).

In the future, it will also be possible to choose only one objective.