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Bluetooth connection

IMPORTANT: After 5 minutes of inactivity (without any interaction / connection / time lapse in progress or planned), the Tikee camera turns off and is no longer visible in Bluetooth. It is then necessary to turn it on manually by pressing the button on the rear panel.

I can not connect to the Tikee camera with my phone?

  1. Check that your mobile features are compatible:
    – for Android: min. Bluetooth 4.1 and min. Android 5
    – for iOS: min. Bluetooth 4.1 and min. iOS 10
  2. Check that your mobile Bluetooth is turned on and visible.
  3. Check that your mobile’s geolocation is enabled.
  4. Close and restart the mobile application once the Bluetooth is turned on.
    If necessary, log out from your account and log back in.

On some mobiles, a notification may appear in the background of the screen. In this case, do not forget to validate it

The maximum range of Bluetooth is 30 m.

4G connection

The 4G network test fails?

SIM card Tikee

  1. Make sure your microSIM card is securely plugged (clickable) and inserted in the correct direction.
  2. Check that your SIM card is activated and unlocked by your telecom operator.
  3. Check your login data (APN, PIN, etc.).
  4. Check if there is the network is good and sufficient on the spot (possibly test with a mobile that uses the network of the same provider).


WiFi connection

The WiFi network test fails?

  1. Check your connection data.
  2. Check whether the network is functional (for example with another phone or computer device).
  3. Check the type of security chosen (most of the time: WPA2-PSK).

The connection is not possible on WiFi networks requiring a connection to a web portal (which is often the case on an industrial site or on free WiFi networks).


Account error on mobile app

After an update a message indicates that the camera is linked to another account or a cloud error ?

If after an update you have a message that indicates that the camera is linked to another account or a cloud error, please turn off and restart your phone.