Creating a timelapse project on mytikee web application

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Where can I stitch left and right JPEG photos stored on the microSD card?

You can create a new timelapse project from your account in mytikee web application ( and then drag and drop it into the photo tile at the top right.


Images stitching errors with blur areas in the center of the panorama:

Tikee capture field EN

  1. Check that there is no object in the stitching area (in the center of the camera) within 5m of the Tikee camera to ensure proper stitching of the images.
  2. Be careful not to move the Tikee camera after launching a sequence since the stitching is calculated on the first 100 images taken.
  3. Be careful not to merge several different plans (different placements).
  4. Be careful not to start a time lapse sequence at night (more complex stitching calculation). 


How to merge 2 timelapse projects into one?

To do this, simply send an email to and indicate the old and the new project (each project number is in the URL when you are on the edition page).