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Photo specs

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Which lenses are used by Tikee?

The lenses have fixed focus and wide angle (HFOV: 149 °), F2.8. The diameter of the lens is 18mm (Action cam type). In total, the photographs obtained represent 220 °.


What is the size and resolution of the sensors?

The size of the sensor is 1/2.3 with a resolution of 16 Mpx per sensor. The native resolution of the sensor is 4608 x 3456 (per sensor).


What are the resolutions and sizes of the images?

images sizes Tikee EN

The size of the images on the web application allows you to create timelapses in full HD (at least) with pan and zoom.


Can we create RAW files and 4K videos?

Yes, only with the TikeePRO camera and in long-term sequence, by exclusively choosing the storage of the images on the microSD card, it is possible to select the DNG/RAW format.

Please note that images stitching of DNG/RAW files cannot be made on mytikee web app.


Can we control the duration of exposure?

The duration of exposure is defined and adapted automatically by the camera, which is a way to guarantee the best possible rendering whatever the light conditions.


Which intervals of shooting can be selected?

Interval-time-lapse-Tikee EN


Is it possible to mount an ND filter on the lenses?

No, it is not possible at the moment.


Can there be distortion because of the width of the images?

Yes, as with any other wide angle lens. However, this is corrected once the photos are sent to the web application during the image merge operation.
When the camera is positioned flat, the distortion is limited (avoid diving and low-angle).


Is it possible to program Tikee to shoot only during the day?

Yes, you can choose the time slot for shooting for long-term footage.
For days, you can filter them in the mytikee web application in the Filters tile at the top left.


Is it possible to use only one of the lenses to achieve the shooting sequence?

On the SD card, it is actually possible to recover the left image and the right image not stitched (since the stitching is performed on the web application).
It is also possible to create a timelapse with only the right images or only the left images (see manual p.25).