Business Cases

Discover the full potential of the Tikee solution through business cases.


Infrastructure monitoring

How to provide real time data on truck parking space availability?

"The Tikee solution proved to be 10 times less expensive compared to the previous one."

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How to regulate traffic on a highway near a construction site?

"The solution provided relevant and accurate analysis, thanks to Enlaps' AI algorithm"

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How to make an attendance forecast of a touristic site?

"Weather influences tourist behavior. By analyzing this data, we can make prediction and anticipate future visits."

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Smart City

How to adapt infrastructures to population flows?

“Enlaps' analysis tools, based on artificial intelligence, made it possible to precisely measure pedestrian and vehicle traffic, and to make forecasts”

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Monitor and communicate on a construction project on a large area with no infrastructures

"A cost effective solution, taking into consideration the specifics of the location"

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