Timelapse starter pack TikeePRO2+

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  • TikeePRO2+ | Buy Time Lapse Camera Online: Images up to 4k/6k

  • Stainless steel Arm

  • Industrial micro SD card 128 or 256 GB

  • Soft case

  • Mounting set


Timelapse starter pack TikeePRO2+:

  • 1 TikeePRO2+ timelapse camera
  • 1 stainless steel arm
  • 1 Mounting set
  • 1 128 GB microSD industrial card
  • 1 Soft case

Additional information

TikeePRO2+ | Buy Time Lapse Camera Online: Images up to 4k/6k

Weight1.28 kg
Dimensions21 × 18 × 7 cm

2 camera modules for panoramic photos
Image Sensors: Sony Exmor R 16 Mpx
Lenses: F2.8 wide angle lenses
HFOV: 149 °
Maximum resolution of the sensors: 16 Mpx
Full resolution image size (per sensor): 4608 x 3456
Size of the sensors: 1 / 2,3

Résistance aux conditions extérieurs

Designed for extended outdoor use (resistant to sand, snow, rain, etc.)
Rotating and tilting arm of solar panel made with anodized aluminum
Magnetic closure of the solar panel
Operating temperature: -10 / + 50 °C
Storage temperature: -25 / + 60 °C


microSD card (not included)
Up to 512 GB

Batterie et panneau solaire

Built-in Li-Ion battery – 24000 mAh
Solar Panel: 4.1 Wp Monocrystalline
Totally self-contained, depending on installation condition and setup
Indicative data without solar input: for 1 photo every 15 minutes 24h / 24:
– with image upload: 20 days of autonomy
– without image upload: 60 days of autonomy


micro USB
5V / 1,5A max.

Envoi des données sans fil

Wifi or 4G LTE
Sent only in JPEG:
Resolution of left and right images sent to the web application: selectable from 3 dimensions (in pixels):
1. 2048 x 1536 per image, approx. 1 MB per pair (panoramic image after fusion: 3280 x 1180)
2. 2664 x 1998 pixels per image, approx. 2.5 MB per pair (panoramic image after fusion: 4260 x 1534)
3. 4608 x 3456 pixels per image, approx. 5MB per pair (panoramic image after fusion: 7360 x 2650)

Paramétrage des données sans fil

Bluetooth Low Energy
IOS and Android compatible mobile application
Smartphone Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.1 and + – Android 5 and + – iOS 10 and +

Sécurisation du Tikee

Metal insert for the passage of a padlock
Built-in GPS
Alerts by email in case of moving

Format des photos


Système de fixation

Standard ¼ "camera screw

Stainless steel Arm

Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions5 × 16 × 12 cm

Arm : Stainless steel Ball head : Anodized Aluminum Screws : Stainless steel

Charge admissible

3 Kg

Inclinaison verticale

-30° / +15°

Inclinaison horizontale

-15° / +15°






On a wall with 4x screw anchor (not supplied) On a tubular structure or mast with 2 metal clamps (supplied) At the head of a mast, ball head compatible with Enlaps mast (coming soon)

Industrial micro SD card 128 or 256 GB

Weight0.025 kg
Dimensions1.5 × 1.1 cm

128 GB

Type de carte


Type de mémoire interne



Class 10

Classe de vitesse UHS

Class 1 (U1)



Tension de fonctionnement

2,7–3,6 V


Operating: –25°C to +85°C
Storage: –40°C to +85°C

Vitesse de lecture

90 MB/s

Vitesse d’écriture

45 MB/s

Soft case

Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions22 × 22 × 8.5 cm

Body and Handles: Polypropylene (PP) Closures: NylonGrip: PolymerInner foam: PER 27kg and CP30



Mounting set

Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions19 × 17 × 3.5 cm


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