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TikeePRO2+ pack


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Construction x3

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Dedicated accessories

Stainless steel arm

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Hard protective case

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Stainless reinforcement

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Industrial microSD

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Soft case

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Mounting set

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Python cable lock

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Telescopic pole

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Enlaps shop: TikeePRO2 time lapse cameras for sale

Find the highest quality products in our time lapse shop

Thanks to two high-quality lenses, two highly sensitive Sony Exmor R CMOS 16 Mpx sensors (maximum sensor resolution: 16 megapixels, for a total of 32 megapixels), and a combined horizontal field of view of 220° (equivalent to the human field of view), TikeePRO2+ time lapse cameras are ideal for creating impressive time lapse videos in cinematic quality. Our Tikee cameras provide you with many features and make time lapse video production easier than ever!

Each sensor produces images with a full resolution of 4608 x 3456 pixels, which, after merging the left and right lens images, results in panoramic images of 7360×2650 pixels (with a mytikeePRO account).

These individual images allow you to create high-quality time lapse videos, similar to those sometimes used in commercials, with the help of our time lapse production app mytikee. With a free mytikee account, you can generate 1080p mp4 videos in full HD quality, while a paid mytikeePRO account allows you to create mp4 videos in 4K quality (also known as Ultra HD/UHD). This corresponds to movie/cinematic quality and exceeds what most webcams can offer.

The videos you will create with the Tikee time lapse cameras typically exceed what you can expect from action cams, smartphones, or webcams.

Time lapse photography equipment for any application

Thanks to their sophisticated ergonomics and their capacity to shoot photos in HD/4K/6K, our TikeePRO2+ time lapse cameras can be used for all kinds of applications.

The most common use for a Tikee time lapse camera (shop for yours above!), is as a construction camera, to monitor progress on a construction site. You can use the generated time lapse videos for construction documentation purposes, or for internal and external communication.

But that’s not all! Enlaps’ time lapse photography equipment can also be used for documenting events (concert or tradeshow setup, conferences, etc.), as a panorama camera for tourism purposes, in research & science, or as an outdoor time lapse camera. With its dedicated web app, mytikee, a Tikee camera is the ideal time lapse solution for any application. Find your time lapse camera for sale here!