enter into the time lapse dimension

Picto white 107_100% autonome

100% Self-sufficient

Never worry about the battery or memory card.
Tikee regulates its energy depending on sunlight
and transmits its images remotely for several months, years.

Rotating solar panel & high efficiency battery

Adapted to long term time lapses thanks to its innovative solar panel that charges the efficient internal battery.

Optimized for long-term time lapses

Thanks to its auto smart energy management, Tikee handles by itself the autonomy, the shooting settings, the upload, etc.

Tikee-solar-power-Golden-Gate V2
Picto white 107_100% connecté

100% Connected

Go beyond the limits of timelapse, capture moments and relive it. Tikee connects to WiFi or 4G and sends its images as and when sequences.

Wifi & 4G connection

Send photos via WiFi or 4G networks to a secure and powerful cloud.
Cloud storage for unlimited timelapses.

Live streaming of auto-created timelapses

Timelapses are automatically created in MyTikee web app.
Watch & share updated timelapses videos with last uploaded images..

Picto white 107_4K 220°

4K 220° Pro photography

An amazing full resolution panoramic field of view for professional photography results …

220° panoramical photography

Total immersion in the image, an incredible panoramic view of over 220° and a vertical opening of 90° to immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery.
Add advance effects such as Pan&Zoom for automatic & numerical travelling.

2 Sony EXMOR R 16Mpx sensors

The best reference for professional photography: fast, sensitive and resolved sensors.
Two available formats : JPEG & DNG
Get detailed high resolution images : 4608×3456 from each sensor.

Picto white 107_Weatherproof


A housing designed for outdoor use, waterproof and durable.
In the mountains, at the seaside, in the rain or sun, make your shots in all conditions.
Smaller than a laptop, lighter than a DSLR camera, with no compromise for quality.

Weatherproof, compact & light-weight

Ready for all weathers without any protective case, an all-in-one resistant time lapse camera. Carry it easily, take it everywhere and fit it wherever you want. It is also compatible with standard tripod.

Ergonomics revisited

Access to microSIM and microSD cards redesigned and integrated breathable valve for all weather.


Infinite possibilities

Set. Capture. Create&Share.
Many effects and filters for professional videos in a few clicks.

Automated effects & filters

Pan & Zoom for automatic travelling
Built-in augmented gallery with comparison and zoom
Time and day selection filters to choose your interest periods in a few clicks.

mytikee, a smart creative web application

Plug & play, control and remotely edit your timelapses from the mytikee web app.
Easily share your timelapses videos and download them in mp4 format.

*To benefit from all mytikee features, a mytikeePRO subscription is required.


Hosting Plans
  • Dimensions
  • Photo
  • Resistance
  • Storage
  • Battery
  • Format
  • Security
  • Data sent
$20 / month
  • Dimensions

    210 x 180 x 70 mm – 1.2 kg

  • Photo

    2 camera modules for panoramic photos
    Image Sensors: Sony Exmor R 16 Mpx
    Lenses: F2.8 wide angle lenses
    HFOV: 149 °
    Maximum resolution of the sensors: 16 Mpx
    Full resolution image size (per sensor): 4608 x 3456
    Size of the sensors: 1 / 2,3

  • Resistance

    Designed for extended outdoor use (resistant to sand, snow, rain, etc.)
    Operating temperature: -10 / + 50 ° C
    Storage temperature: -25 / + 60 ° C

  • Storage

    microSD card (not included)
    Up to 128 GB

  • Battery

    Built-in LiFePo4 battery - 12800 mAh
    Solar Panel: 4.1 Wp Monocrystalline
    Totally self-contained, depending on installation condition and setup
    Indicative data without solar input: for 1 photo every 15 minutes 24h / 24:
    - with image upload: 10 days of autonomy
    - without image upload: 30 days of autonomy

  • Format

    JPEG or DNG

  • Security

    Metal insert for a padlock

  • Data sent

    Wifi or 4G LTE
    Sent only in JPEG:  Resolution of the left and right images sent to the web application (in pixels): 2664 x 1998 pixels per image, approx. 2.5 MB per pair (panoramic image after fusion: 4260 x 1534)

  • For US version: only works with AT&T Communications 4G network

Dedicated accessories


Stainless steel arm

Set Tikee everywhere : a durable, adjustable and rotative support.


Hard protective case

Protect Tikee from shock, rain, dust and differential pressures.


Stainless reinforcement

To provide additional strength and improve stability.


Indus microSD 128 Go

Perfect for TikeePRO2 and TikeePRO2+. Enhanced endurance and reliability.


Python cable lock

Antitheft with patented adjustable
locking mechanism.


Telescopic pole

Place Tikee from 1 to 5m high with dedicated fixture.



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