We wanted to create the best time lapse solution that could go beyond all timelapses constraints to give way to creativity and digital emotions.
Tikee time lapse camera is part of this innovative solution.

100 autonome self-sufficient

100% Self-sufficient

Never worry about the battery or memory card.
Tikee regulates its energy depending on sunlight
and transmits its images remotely for several months, years.

High efficiency rotating solar panel & battery

Adapted to long term time lapses thanks to its innovative solar panel that charges the efficient internal battery.

Optimized for long-term time lapses

Thanks to its auto smart energy management, Tikee handles by itself the autonomy, the shooting, the photo upload, etc.

100% connected

100% Connected

Go beyond time lapse limits, capture moments & get it from everywhere.
Tikee can always being connected thanks to WiFi & 4G connectivity
and upload images as and when the sequence.

Wifi & 4G connection

Upload through WiFi or 4G networks to a secure & powerful cloud.
Unlimited storage for unlimited time lapses.

Live streaming of auto-created timelapses

Timelapses are automatically created in MyTikee web app.
Watch & share updated timelapses videos with last uploaded images.

4K 220°

4K 220° Pro photography

An amazing full resolution panoramic field of view for professional photography results …


220° panoramical photography

Total immersion in the image, an incredible panoramic view of over 220° to immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery.
Add advance effects such as Pan&Zoom for automatic & numerical travelling.

Sony EXMOR 16Mpx 4K sensors

The best professional photography reference : fast, powerful & responsive.

Get detailed high resolution images : 4608×3456 from each sensors.



A housing designed for outdoor use, waterproof and durable.
In the mountains, at the seaside, in the rain or sun, make your shots in all conditions.
Smaller than a laptop, lighter than a DSLR camera, with no compromise for quality.


Ready for all weathers without any protective case, an all-in-one resistant time lapse camera.

Compact & light-weight

Carry it easily, take it everywhere and fit it wherever you want. It is also compatible with standard tripod.


Easy to use

Set. Capture. Create&Share.
Only 4 words to summarize the plug & play Tikee solution.

a2s b2s

Intuitive settings

A plug&play solution. Set up your timelapse with Tikee remote and let Tikee capture your memories.

Smart creative web app

Control and set up remotely your ongoing time lapses sequences & easily edit & share your timelapses mp4 videos from the web app.

Prix competitif

Competitive pricing

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Wifi + 4G LTE modem
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Dedicated accessories


Stainless steel arm

Set Tikee everywhere : a durable, adjustable and rotative support.


Hard protective case

Protect Tikee from shock, rain, dust and differential pressures.


Stainless reinforcement

To provide additional strength and improve stability.


Telescopic pole

Place Tikee from 1 to 5m high with dedicated fixture.



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