As building companies you can now communicate on the progress of construction site either internally or with your clients and share your achievements live on social networks.

 Why using timelapse in construction ?

To immortalize several months of work and to value the result, time lapse is probably the most suitable tool.
With the timelapse, construction monitoring becomes a communication tool that can be relayed on social networks or broadcast during an inauguration. Time lapse is an important added value that shows the work done but also allows to stimulate the in-house team and to follow the progress of a project.

 Tikee camera at fieldwork


 Why Tikee is made for construction ?

A complete and dedicated time lapse solution for construction and demolition site
and a new storytelling tool for your communication

100% connected

Connected & self-sufficient

Monitor & create everlasting timelapses from everywhere


6K 220° pictures

The best quality of panoramic photography for timelapse

Prix competitif

Competitive price

The most innovative timelapse camera at the best price

LIVE Timelapse

Live automatic creation

Watch & download your mp4 live timelapses videos

Studio creation timelapse

Dedicated web app

Share privately or with everybody your galleries & timelapses videos



Made for outdoors & extreme weather conditions

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Time lapses of construction


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More about Tikee as a construction time lapse camera

Designed as a construction camera for time lapse projects

With our TikeePRO2+ construction time lapse cameras, we aim to make use of time lapse videos in construction site documentation and communication more accessible. That’s why we have enhanced conventional construction camera concepts, and also redesigned both the camera and its dedicated video production application. The goal here is to meet the needs of construction projects. Our innovative and ergonomically sophisticated design is so much more than just a box around a webcam.

A construction time lapse camera that shoots 4K, photographic- quality images for your construction site documentation

Your construction site is covered by not just one, but two high-quality lenses and high-resolution sensors, shooting images in Full HD, 4K or even 6K. The combined horizontal field of view of 220° corresponds to the human field of vision. Not just a simple webcam, our Tikee construction time lapse camera generates 4K/6K individual images that enable precise monitoring of all individual construction phases for your construction site documentation. This allows you to detect construction errors in good time, plan the process close to reality, and provide all internal departments and external subcontractors with the information they need via online image and video galleries that are only accessible with access authorization. Thanks to automated anonymization and blurring features based on AI algorithms, your time lapse videos can be made GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant.

Self-sufficient and weatherproof construction cameras – even on remote construction sites

Thanks to the integrated, highly efficient solar panel and a powerful battery, you can place your Tikee construction time lapse camera where it will help you most, regardless of where the nearest power outlet is located. Tikee’s intelligent energy management system ensures that you can take up to 10,000 individual shots without sunlight. Your construction camera is controlled via W-Lan or mobile phone networks (LTE/4G) and a natively developed web app. This allows you to monitor and control your current time lapse projects at any time, using your mobile phone, tablet or computer, even if you are on another construction project or in the office. This makes Tikee the best time lapse camera for construction, and suitable for monitoring progress on construction sites that are difficult to access.

Automatically generated time lapse videos via a dedicated web app

We have invested extensive development effort in the automated creation of time lapse videos, so that you, as a property developer or contractor, do not have to invest your time and energy into becoming a video editor. You can adjust your camera according to your wishes, select the appropriate settings in the intuitive user interface of the web app, and Tikee does the rest, including applying expert filters to prevent issues such as a flicker effect from spoiling your long-term time lapse videos.

Attractive time lapse videos for your advertising

Using a construction time lapse camera in 4K/6K provides you with high-quality and attractive time lapse videos that can be used in a variety of ways in corporate communications for construction projects. Those cinematic- quality films can become a part of your storytelling. Make your videos even more special by using the numerous effects and filters, such as impressive and integrated pan & zoom features, which don’t require additional accessories such as turntables or sliders.

Time lapse videos of your construction site can also be used to inform residents during construction or shared as constantly updated livestreams on social media. Did you know that video contributions are shared on average 10 times more than text-based status updates or images?