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Artificial intelligence at the service of photography, video and timelapse

By The unclassifiable, Uses of timelapses

Artificial intelligence is increasingly used in digital photography. One of the most used types of AI in photography is deep learning: it is a type of artificial intelligence derived from machine learning where the machine is able to learn by itself (thanks to data models), unlike programming where it simply executes predetermined rules.

This AI is already available in the photo mode of many high-end smartphones to allow them to automatically detect scenes and even extrapolate images.

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Top 5 of most beautiful sky time lapses

By The unclassifiable, Time lapse from the web, Uses of timelapses

The timelapse is an incredible tool to follow the evolution of the sky. From the space, on the top of a volcano, in the heart of a storm, from the American desert, or seen from the eye of one of the best astronomy photographers, we guarantee you that you will have the head in the stars for a few minutes …

Discover our top 5 of the most beautiful time lapses of the sky … Ready? Let’s go for the escape!

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Top 5 commercial timelapses

By The unclassifiable, Time lapse from the web, Uses of timelapses

The timelapse is perfectly adapted to commercial video. It allows to bring a maximum of information in a short time; in any case, in less time than requires a traditional video. It also reveals what we can not always see with the naked eye, especially an event that takes place over the long term. Many sectors use timelapse videos for their commercial: sports, cars, tourism, and furniture. We have selected for you 5 commercial videos that use the timelapse technique.

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Top 5 timelapses of constructions of giants on Earth

By The unclassifiable, Time lapse from the web, Uses of timelapses

There are many construction sites that require several months of construction, or even several years. Among these, the construction of trains, tunnels, bridges or aircraft are incredibly technical and meticulous, although we rarely have the opportunity to realize it. The timelapse allows us to reveal these moments. Here are 5 timelapses of extraordinary constructions to discover.

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Top 5 timelapse videos to explore the beautiful landscapes of Northern Europe

By The unclassifiable, Time lapse from the web

Many of us had the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful places in Europe. We discover them through our walks, our photographs or our videos. The timelapse video let you discover these same countries through a new eye with imperceptible events at the precise moment but incredibly beautiful when gathered and accelerated. Let’s go for a tour of Europe of the most beautiful timelapse videos …

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