As an agency operating in the event sector, you can use time lapse video to offer your clients an innovative way of commemorating their event (concert, trade show, conference, etc.) and the dynamics around it while emphasizing your skills in managing such an event.

Why use timelapse for events ?

To capture the before, during and after dynamics and energy of an event, time lapse is the best media. Time lapse is a great storytelling tool for brands and for all those who have a story to tell, an event to immortalize. Time lapse can also reveal events that are invisible to the naked eye. You can tell in a timelapse what you could not describe in a few words. Creating and sharing a time lapse of a concert, trade show or other types of events allows you to say more in less time

Tikee time lapse camera at fieldwork


Why is Tikee the best time lapse camera for events?

A plug&play seamless solution for time lapses of events with live tracking to share your videos with everybody. Our Tikee cameras offer more and better featers than a regular webcam when it comes to timelapse video production.

100% connected

Connected & self-sufficient

Easily create & follow your timelapses from everywhere


6K 220° images

The best quality with panoramic views to capture everything

Prix competitif

Competitive price

A plug&play solution with quick&easy setup at the best price

LIVE Timelapse

Live automatic creation

Watch & download your updated timelapses videos anytime

Partage social network

Social networks sharing

Share with one click your ongoing and ended timelapses videos

timelapse video effect travelling

Creative video effects

Add travelling effect to create movement in only few clicks

choose your Tikee

Time lapses of events


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