Time lapse can capture the emotions and highlight of all types of events.
A sunset, a paragliding competition, a monument under construction, or simply the growth of a living being.
being. An outdoor time lapse camera provides more and better features than a regular webcam. Thanks to Tikee, you will relive your memories in a whole new way.

What makes Tikee the best outdoor time lapse camera?


6K 220° images

The best quality of panoramic photography for outdoor timelapse

Studio creation timelapse

Automated creation studio

On-the-fly easy creation with multiple filters & effects

Partage social network

Social network sharing

Share & download your timelapses videos to keep amazing memories



Easy use with all-in-one camera & only 4 steps : set, capture, create & share

Prix competitif

Competitive price

Enjoy easy access to timelapse art with the affordable Tikee solution

Cloud sécurisé

Cloud power

Benefit from the cloud power to edit & create your timelapses videos

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Outdoor time lapse videos

More about Tikee as an outdoor time lapse camera

The possible reasons for wanting to create an outdoor time lapse are incredibly diverse: 

  • Sunrise, sunset, day & night change
  • Landscapes and skylines
  • Clouds and sky
  • Starry sky, northern lights
  • Nature and the seasons
  • Sea and tides
  • Growth of plants or animals
  • Animal tracks

There are no limits to your creativity!

Designed for outdoor use

Our time lapse cameras were designed from the beginning for outdoor use. Tikee’s weatherproof casing effectively protects it from rain, snow, sand, dust, and so much more! Thanks to a highly efficient solar panel and a powerful rechargeable battery, your Tikee camera is also self-sufficient, and independent from any external power supply, allowing you to shoot long-exposure time lapse recordings, over weeks, months and even years. 

The best outdoor time lapse camera for long-exposure videos

Unlike accelerated video recording, a time lapse merges individual images in photographic quality and automatically generates time lapse videos of the highest calibre. This makes even long-term time lapse possible, with recordings easily spanning over many days, weeks or months. Even storing your videos is child’s play. Tikee offers space for microSD cards of up to 512 GB, but you also have the possibility to upload your recordings via 4G or WiFi from your time lapse camera directly into a secure cloud. 

Create dynamic time lapses thanks to AI and numerous effects and filters

Tikee’s dedicated video production app mytikee makes the actual production of time lapse videos easier than ever. Our AI algorithms take the tedious post-processing and assembling of individual photos off your hands and create dynamic and impressive time lapse videos. Worrying about potential flickering due to different lighting conditions is a thing of the past, and our outdoor time lapse camera also integrates Pan & Zoom effects, without having to purchase expensive accessories such as turntables or sliders.

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