Time lapse can capture the emotions and highlight all types of events.
A sunset, a paragliding competition, a monument under construction, or simply the growth of a living being.
You will never relive your memories again in the same way.

How Tikee can capture your moments?


6K 220° images

The best quality of panoramic photography for timelapse

Studio creation timelapse

Automated creation studio

On-the-fly easy creation with multiple filters & effects

Partage social network

Social network sharing

Share & download your timelapses videos to keep amazing memories



Easy use with all-in-one camera & only 4 steps : set, capture, create & share

Prix competitif

Competitive price

Enjoy easy access to timelapse art with the affordable Tikee solution

Cloud sécurisé

Cloud power

Benefit from the cloud power to edit & create your timelapses videos

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Some time lapsed moments

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