Grenoble, February 25, 2021 - Grenoble-based start-up Enlaps, inventor of the Tikee timelapse solution, takes a step forward in its development and growth by announcing that his revenues have doubled in 2020 despite the economic context ('3 million Euros in full year).

  • Enlaps, the Grenoble-based start-up, inventor of the Tikee timelapse solution, has announced that it sales have doubled in 2020 ;
  • This growth is notably based on its international expansion in 2020, in Europe and in the United States ;
  • In order to enhance its development, Enlaps announces the launch of new products and services, including the #Time application, which will allow the general public to enjoy and adopt its time comparison technology.


From a Grenoble-based start-up to an international scale-up

Founded in 2015, the French startup's had the purpose to revolutionize the digital imaging market by offering a fully integrated solution designed to facilitate the production of timelapse (accelerated video made out of a succession of still images).

Today, the Tikee solution is widely adopted by professional photographers, which is reflected in 2020 results, particularly at the international level :

  • 900% growth in Germany,
  • 400% growth in the United Kingdom and Spain,
  • A promising start in the United States with a 5-fold increase in growth.

Overall, in 2020 the export share is now representing 60% of the total revenue compared with 35% at the beginning of the year.

"Despite the impact of Covid, we have been able to remain in line with our strategic plan," said Antoine Auberton, CEO of Enlaps, with a strong international contribution. This allows us to foresee an acceleration of our growth in 2021, with a strong push from the US market".


From a hardware company to a content company

While Enlaps' activity was initially focused on camera products development, the company wants to strengthen its ecosystem by emphasizing the creation and generation of content through its SaaS (Software as a Service) platform myTikee.


Thus, in 2021 Enlaps is looking for a 50% yearly growth and will offer :

  • A new generation of timelapse camera with Tikee 3 and Tikee 3 PRO dedicated to professional photographers and individuals with a passion for photography ;
  • The launch of myTikeePRO storytelling on its SaaS platform myTikee, allowing automatic content creation leveraging the power of Enlaps' Artificial Intelligence
  • A new online experience with a redesigned website : ;
  • Initially dedicated for professionals (Construction Companies, Tourist Offices, Production Houses), Enlaps wishes to address a larger audience by offering its comparison technology to the general public with the launch of a free mobile application called #time (available on Appleā€™s App Store and Google Play Store).