Available on the myTikee cloud platform, the Timelapse Builder will allow you to get the best rendering for your content, thanks to advanced image processing and best photo selection algorithms, specifically developed by Enlaps.


Auto mode or Manual mode


With Auto mode, let the software decide on the best settings for your video, with the possibility of modifying the automatically chosen options yourself.

There is also a manual mode, with which you choose each parameter for your video yourself.



Image selection


The Timelapse Builder's Smart Selection chooses the most beautiful images for you, while maintaining a consistency of time between them.



Basic video enhancement


With advanced smoothing, image enhancement (contrast and brightness) and anti-flicker features, the best look is guaranteed for your timelapse video.



Advanced video enhancement


Some advanced features (which are only available with Storytelling and Unlimited subscriptions) allow you to further improve the rendering of your video:


  • Stabilization: It reduces vibrations between frames, in case your Tikee has slightly moved during the shooting.
  • Spherical Pan&Zoom: A new technology that comes close to immersive viewing.
  • Relighting: Based on deep learning, it minimizes shadows to keep a consistent lighting between all the pictures, even in case of changing weather conditions.



Extras :


With a Storytelling, or Unlimited subscription, you have the ability to add your watermark in the bottom left corner of your video. It is also possible to add the date of the shooting of the photos in the bottom right corner.

To learn how to use the different features of Timelapse Builder, we invite you to read the dedicated article on our FAQ.

We also offer demonstration sessions, go to this page to register!