What’s better to track the construction of a building than a timelapse. Time-lapse has always been perfect to capture the amazing evolution of construction sites around the world. We decided to share with you the time-lapses videos of the construction of 5 of the highest skyscrapers in the world.


1. Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Currently, the tallest skyscraper in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai culminates at 828 m high for 163 floors. The construction site of the building, which was achieved in 2010, required nearly 22 million hours of work, more than 7,500 workers and almost 6 years of construction.

Today, thanks to its impressive height, the Burj Khalifa is a spot for the wingsuiters who do not hesitate to take off from there.

To review the work of this incredible adventure, you can watch the timelapse below.




2. Shanghai Tower, Shanghai

The tallest building in China and the second tallest building in the world, the Shanghai Tower is 632 m high with 128 floors.

The construction of this tower is a first time since sustainable techniques have been used to make it an environmentally friendly building and to reduce the energy cost.

Fun fact: the Shangai Tower has also the fastest elevator in the world with 18m/s, which is nearly 65km/h. In comparison, the Burj Khalifa lifts reach the speed of 36km/h …

Discover the timelapse that captured the construction site of this building for almost 4 years.




3. One World Trade Center, New York

It would have taken nearly 7 years of construction to build the tallest building in the United States near the former site of the Twins towers. Located in New York, this skyscraper reaches 541.3 m for 104 floors.

Taller than the Twin towers, this construction is the most remarkable building when looking at New York City from Jersey City, New Jersey.

To view the commemorative timelapse of the One World Trade Center site, click on the video below.




4. 432 Park Avenue, New-York

Back in New York for another timelapse of one of the highest buildings in the world with its 425.5m high for 85 floors and 5 years of construction.

Unlike the other skyscrapers of this top 5, this one is mainly dedicated to residential and hotel use.

Incredible fact: its ratio width/height is 1/15. It also offers an incredible view of “the heart and the lungs of New York”, Central Park.

It is up to you to discover the incredible construction timelapse of this skyscraper between 2011 and 2015.




5. Al Hamra Tower, Koweït

Originating from the deconstructivist artistic movement, Al Hamra Tower is an unprecedented construction among the highest buildings in the world.

Kuwait’s highest skyscraper with its 412 meters for 77 floors and its 43 elevators, the building currently ranks 25th in the highest skyscrapers of the world.

The construction lasted nearly 8 years and it was captured in a timelapse video – see below.




Bonus :

Discover the timelapse of the construction of a 57-storey building in only 19 days, or about 3 floors a day! This project took place in China in the city of Changsha. Amazing…


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