Traveling by plane can be impressive and make you dream . Let us show you tips todo a time-lapse or Flight lapse. The flight lapse, or flying timelapse, is actually a timelapse made of images from the air. This can be from an airplane, from a hang glider, but also from many other means of transport.

When the timelapse is combined with the journey, the words are not enough to describe the images … then watch the videos …


5. 16 time zones in 83 seconds: from Tokyo to Frankfurt

Let’s take off again from Tokyo but this time with a Boeing 747 for an 83-second flight to “The City by the Bay”, San Francisco. The program includes a splendid blue sky with an immersion in the heart of the cloudy cumulonimbus and a blazing sunrise.

Ready for the fastest flight you’ve ever done?



Tokyo to San Francisco in 83 seconds! par Patrick Palazzolo

4. The ballet of planes landing at London Heathrow

Certainly the most fun, though not exactly a flightlapse, but rather an inverted flightlapse: a timelapse of planes landing at Heathrow airport from London ground. This ballet of planes looks like a real beehive with its little bees flying and dabbling sometimes in the air.

There is a lot of wind, isn’t it?

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