There are many construction sites that require several months of construction, or even several years. Among these, the construction of trains, tunnels, bridges, or aircraft are incredibly technical and meticulous, although we rarely have the opportunity to realize it. The time-lapse in construction site allows us to reveal these moments. Here are 5 timelapses of extraordinary constructions to discover.


5. The Elizabeth train in London

Trains are state-of-the-art objects. Their construction therefore requires going through many steps and just as many skills. For example, the Bombardier-designed Elizabeth line train is one of the new generations of transportation: many improvements have been made to older generations of trains, particularly in terms of energy management with a very sophisticated braking system.

Here is a video timelapse of the construction site of the new Elizabeth train for the city of London:



Credits : Elizabeth line train time lapse – Transport by London

More information about Elizabeth train: here


4. The Soyuz rocket in Siberia

Some constructions are more secretive and impressive than others. We have chosen to make you discover the site of the installation and the preparation of the Soyuz launcher on the cosmodrome of Vostochny in Siberia.

Did you know that the Soyuz rocket was the oldest of all launchers in service for fifty years? Which makes it at the same time one of the most reliable. Its main mission is the launching of military and scientific satellites. Impressively, with its 310 tons and 46 meters high, it is able to place a payload of more than 7 tons in orbit.



Credits : Time lapse de l’installation du lanceur Soyouz sur le cosmodrome de Vostotchny – RT France

More information about how is assembled Soyuz: here


3. Locogen wind turbine in Scotland

Other giants on Earth: wind turbines. With a streamlined design, wind turbines are part of impressive constructions. By their ability to produce green energy, but also their height, they are now a main part of the landscape. Moreover, some wind turbines can even reach nearly 150 meters.

The construction of a wind turbine requires great mastery and above all: it is forbidden to be dizzy

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