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Time-lapse camera: the most beautiful pictures for your projects with Tikee


Have you ever come across something that you just saw and needed it? Well, our go-anywhere, the easy-to-use camera is another one of those for you: the Tikee by Enlaps time-lapse camera. 


It’s packed full of pro features, including 4K resolution and clear dual wide-angle lenses. Whether you want to share photos with friends and family or edit professional videos, Tikee is perfect for everyone.


If you're looking to buy a Tikee Timelapse Camera, you might be wondering which one you should choose: the Tikee 3 or Tikee 3 PRO+? What’s the best Tikee timelapse camera for your next project? It depends on what kind of shot you have in mind. 


When you’re creating your next timelapse project, you want to make sure you have the right camera for the job. Tikee offers two models, each with different capabilities, to make sure you can capture exactly what you’re imagining.


Follow our quick comparison of Tikee 3 and Tikee 3 Pro+ to find the right one for you.


Why choose the Tikee Camera?

Our Tikee camera has many exciting features that help it stand out among the crowd of other long-term timelapse cameras. We wanted to create something that would be great for anyone of any skill level interested in making lasting videos. This camera has many new features that help make sure your pictures turn out great while staying in focus while also allowing for clear crisp video to get all the action. 


The Tikee Camera gives you the ability to create an advanced and professional time-lapse of your projects.


The new Tikee time-lapse camera range is taking timelapse photography to a whole new level. Significantly smaller and more powerful, the 4K time-lapse cameras rock a lot of features that are sure to further enhance your experience when shooting video in 4K or 6K.


Time-lapse photography is a perfect way to show how active your work, and the moments of everyday life. So, which time-lapse camera of Tikee to choose from? Let’s dive into detail:-


How to choose between Tikee 3 vs. Tikee 3 PRO+?

Tikee 3

Tikee 3 is a revolutionary fully wireless timelapse camera with a panoramic view of 220°. It captures the view in every moment and makes stunning timelapse videos. It can capture startlingly high-resolution (4K Ultra HD) time-lapses.


The Tikee 3 camera has wifi of 4g LTE, a solar panel and battery that provide you with a secured and stable data transmission, a min interval of 5 minutes that completely captures time-lapse, and so on. It is the best choice for professional photographers to create beautiful time-lapse.

Tikee 3 PRO+

As compare to Tikee 3 time-lapse camera, Tikee 3 PRO+ timelapse camera offers some advanced features like autonomy optimization with adaptive interval. The Tikee 3 Pro+ time-lapse camera is a great all-around value and an inexpensive and flexible turnkey solution for all high-resolution time-lapse applications. With features like 4K or 6K HDR time-lapses and 3 advanced image sending modes. 


Tikee 3 Pro+ was created to help you create the most beautiful pictures for your projects (like construction). When you capture life’s important moments, we want those pictures to be as meaningful as the memories they capture. Our innovative cameras help you shoot for your most important projects. Tikee 3 Pro+ is focused to construction site projects. To follow up the construction site in progress.


General information about Tikee 3 PRO+ timelapse camera with external solar panel

Like its little sister, the Tikee 3 PRO+ timelapse camera with external solar panel offers most of the same features. With more solar autonomy and a wider angle of view.


Benefits of using Professional Tikee time-lapse Camera

Tikee is a time-lapse camera, which captures the world around you, minute by minute, and creates a video from those photos.


Tikee time-lapse camera will enable you to take the most beautiful videos. The time-lapse videos will catch even the most fleeting changes in our perception of the world around us. Time will stop and move at your command. This way you can create videos of all your events, meetings or simply collect interesting stories about the things around you connected with captured events. 


Tikee is different from most time-lapse cameras because it gives you total control over your videos. We believe that time-lapse videos should be more personal and cinematic, without spending countless hours to achieve this look. So we made sure that Tikee is simple enough to use for anyone, but also powerful enough for experts.


Tikee is a time-lapse camera that is fully automatic, easy to use, and affordable. There are many ways to make timelapse videos, but when it comes to performance - Tikee is the best option for everyday use.


Discover the world with a time-lapse camera


Discover the world with a time-lapse camera! If you have a stunning view from your home or office, or if you want to create a promotional video project of your business or a beautiful montage of your vacation, the Tikee camera will help you. 


The Tikee camera can create videos from one photo per day to thousands of photos every day. It uses the time-lapse photography technique to gather thousands of images into a few minutes or hours of video. In this way, it is possible to show the passage of time even faster than it happens.


Using time-lapse videos to attract attention is a perfect tool for opening up an audience to the beauty of something they might otherwise never see. Tikee Camera is a small, easy-to-use device that can seamlessly capture stunning time-lapses over long periods.

Tikee 3 and the Tikee 3 PRO+ time-lapse camera is a product for those who like to be always up-to-date and easy to use. If you do not need any kind of automation and just want to be able to take pictures yourself there is Tikee 3. 


If you need automatic shooting and filtering pictures, AI detection, and all that stuff then Tikee 3 PRO+ has it all.

Also, Tikee 3 pro+ offers the simplest and advanced time-lapse camera to shoot 24/7 and get extraordinary results.


There are various models of Time-lapse cameras available in the market. But when you want a high-quality product, Tikee is what you need. We have chosen the best features of our products Tikee 3 & Tikee 3 PRO+ so that you can easily use them for your photography and video projects.

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Which Tikee timelapse camera is right for you?

Tikee 3

From $1,299.00

To $2,991.00

Panoramic view 220°
Wifi or 4G LTE Camera can be connected to Wifi, or 4G with a microSIM card and an internet plan
Built-in solar panel and battery
Min. Interval : 5 minutes Long term shooting : 5 min minimum - Event shooting or photo burst : 5 seconds minimum
Tikee 3 PRO+

From $1,999.00

To $4,190.00

Panoramic View 220°
Wifi or 4G LTE Camera can be connected to Wifi, or 4G with a microSIM card and an internet plan
Built-in solar panel and battery
Min. Interval : 30 seconds Long term shooting : 30 seconds minimum - Event shooting or photo burst : 5 seconds minimum
JPEG + DNG As desired, Jpeg with or without sending / DNG on microSD card / Jpeg with or without sending + DNG on microSD card
Full HD, 4K, 6K Resolution of images send to myTikee of your choice : S for full HD, M for 4K, or L for full size 6K
3 advanced image sending modes Normal Mode : Sending every 25 pictures (by default) of the camera status and the pictures / Minimal Mode : sending once a day of the camera status and one picture / Sample Mode : sampling of the sent pictures, only 1 picture out of N is sent on myTikee
Autonomy optimization with adaptive interval Automatic adaptation of the interval by the camera to always guarantee the timelapse continuity regardless of the conditions
24/7 synchronisation via Always-On mode Remote access of the camera and on demand to follow its status and control it 24/7
New: Live Streaming From one of the camera's two lenses (of your choice), myTikee Unlimited subscription and 4G connection required
Live video and photo snapshot Single-lens photo or video snapshot of 20sec upon request
3x more energy thanks to the external solar panel Possibility to connect an external solar panel
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6K 220°

Two wide-angle lenses for an outstanding image quality; two photos combined for breathtaking scenic views. Choose between Full HD, 4K or 6K for your timelapse photography.

100% self-sufficient

Our Tikee timelapse cameras are equipped with a high-performance battery for taking up to 6,000 photos without sunshine in "Event" mode.

100% connected

Use 4G or Wi-Fi to send your data to myTikee, Enlaps’ secure cloud platform. Adapt your Tikee timelapse camera’s connectivity to your needs.


Partner testimony

After 3 years of using my timelapse camera, I can say that the Tikee solution has been an asset for my activity. Once you get familiar with it, the case quickly becomes an essential tool, with unrivalled value for money and, what’s more, made in France.

Frédéric Lardin, Tichodrone

Enlaps Academy

Our tips for making the most of Tikee's features.