Choose an Autonomous 4g Construction Camera To Create Time Lapse

A construction site project is one of those projects that need close monitoring to ensure that its progress is done smoothly and according to plan. This is why it is important that security cameras are installed around the construction site area. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology today, a specialized 4g construction camera can actually be used not just for surveillance monitoring, but as a stand-alone time-lapse camera at the same time. This kind of camera comes with software and offers additional features such as being able to produce a time lapse video. 


Why Choose a 4g Construction Time Lapse Camera?

You can easily set up security cameras around the site for the purpose of surveillance and monitoring. But if you wish to have time-lapse content which is a great way to showcase the evolution of your construction site, then you must consider installing a special product such as a 4g construction time lapse camera made for that purpose. This kind of camera will capture the progress of your project from the very start and by the end of it, will be able to produce a time lapse video.



A time lapse video will show the development of the construction site from beginning to end, set at a faster speed rate motion. This will make the duration of the video last just a few minutes, even though it is originally a footage clip that is lasting for months.

Aside from the time lapse feature it offers, what makes a 4g camera more special than any other camera is its 4g LTE generated system, meaning it works as wireless. This will enable you to always be connected to the camera, even on a remote set-up. You can just easily access the cameras installed on the construction site with your mobile phones via Wi-Fi or cellular data. 


Features to Consider when Choosing a 4g Construction Camera

As long as the camera’s system is 4G LTE powered and can create time lapse content, then it is already a great choice for a construction camera. But if you want more of it, you can look for a camera with features such as:



Solar-powered battery system

It is better to choose cameras that have solar power support to ensure that your camera will work day and night. This way, you do not have to worry about the battery because it can work even without one.


High Image/ Video Resolution

Go with a camera that can produce full HD photographic quality, 4K- 6K resolution quality is the best. A customer gets more engaged when viewing a video or image that is in HD quality because it sharpens the details. It is also important to consider a camera that can produce images with a format of either JPEG or DNG, so you have the option to save media as RAW.


Camera with a Built-In Software

Most 4g cameras come with a live software nowadays which you can access with your mobile phones, so you can control the camera system through it. This software is created with a panel system where you can access the storage to view the images and videos captured by the camera. It also provides a network, so you can modify the camera settings directly.





Since you will install these cameras around the construction site, then they must be weatherproof to ensure that they will work smoothly in an outdoor set-up. This way, you do not have to worry about the cameras whenever there are storms or heavy rains because the product is produced to withstand different kinds of weather conditions.