Selling Time Lapse to Communication Managers can Increase Your Sales Income

When looking to sell time-lapse, a photographer has to ask what to sell its time lapse realizations for? People that can help answer that question are communications managers. People who hold this position in a company are mandated to move the company’s brand into the public eye to increase brand awareness and sales. They have to use consistent messaging and good marketing strategies to make this work. They oversee everything to do with messaging, both internally and externally. That means they can use your time-lapse in their marketing strategies, collect data and promote sales. 

Making connections with marketers and being able to support a company communication plan can increase your professional standing and the opportunities to build relationships with marketing teams. With these increased opportunities comes financial success as well.

Time Lapse Sales Supporting Marketing Services

Targeting a manager in a business that is looking to do a better job in getting their brand name out in the marketplace can help boost time lapse sales. Using your professional skills and experience in collaboration with a business that is increasing its market presence can be a beneficial relationship. It doesn’t matter what the company’s target market is. It could be construction, travel or a high-end technology software corporation like Avaya or Cisco. All these businesses can benefit from using your product in their communications development strategy, and ultimately in their market presence. 



Being hired to collaborate on a unified communications strategy with a brand that will release it in a timely fashion means having your product integrated through the internal and external media channels. The more you can support the brand message with your time lapse, the greater chance there is for your contributions to increase along with income. If the company is large, like Avaya or Cisco, you may even be able to find a role on the internal communications team. This would offer a steady salary, using your digital skills to enhance the corporate team's brand message. If a manager is happy with one job you have done, then that can lead to more work or an internal position. 

Your goal in collaborating with a brand communication manager would be to create a unified plan that uses your time-lapse to target not only the regular marketing channels but also social media and other online platforms. The release should be unified so you are hitting all potential selling points at once. The goal would be to build the client/customer relationships with the brand and having that message carry across promotional channels.

Further Sales Marketing Opportunities


Expanding where you can sell your content goes beyond the most obvious corporations. There are less obvious marketplaces where your product can be used and sales can flourish. It's all about looking for outside-the-box opportunities.



Why Sell Time Lapse to an Event Agency 


Reaching markets that are not as easily branded as Cisco and Avaya are, means asking things such as why sell time-lapse to an event agency. Your skills need to be adapted to a different type of market but can still offer another sales opportunity. Helping an agency to promote their events that will include social gatherings, concerts, professional sports and more may be as profitable as working with brands that are clearly brand visible and trying to build client/customer relationships. Expansion into any market with your product is a plus. If a communications person is available within the target corporation, then your product offering may have to be more defined to a particular event. 



Why Sell Time Lapse to a Touristic and Travel Sites


Further to an event agency, looking at why sell time-lapse to a touristic and travel sites is also helpful, as you can have product sales that can cross over into other travel oriented events that need a unified marketing strategy. These events can include trips, tourist destinations, travel venues and modes of travel such as cruises. You sell to these companies to enhance their promotional plan and potential branding for travel events across all media, while increasing your profits. Travel will be rebounding as people are able to re-engage with the products after the pandemic. 

Selling time-lapse for marketing purposes has so many possibilities. You will have to think outside the box when making contact with company management of those businesses that are less tech. Selling your services means being creative. Guide a construction firm through how they can use your service to give potential customers a view of their work. 



Maybe a university or medical research business could use time lapse to highlight their experiments using scientific acceleration. You can give clients a visual description of their products, services and events. Talk with a director to discuss how to build relationships between the brand and its target clientele while using your products. Doing this will increase the jobs you get through improved business relationships and increased trust about the services you offer.