The Significance of Planning in A Construction Site Plan

If you are in the construction business, you would have come across the query, how to monitor the construction site? Of course, there are numerous construction site monitoring tools, but does it prove to be useful? It does if you have done proper planning while setting the construction site plan.

Planning is the base and inception point of any undertaking. Therefore, planning plays a very important role in it. The importance of planning in a construction site plan has increased considerably in the last few decades. This has happened on account of humungous project undertakings that require precision and great effort.

The construction process entails various processes and requires efforts from many people. Different personnel involve in the process to make the project successful. Therefore, the construction site plan must be carried out with due diligence.


What entails a Construction Site Plan?

Building or Property project undertaking requires detailed planning. Project planning for a construction site is comprehensive, and it includes resource planning, financial planning, material planning, human resource (labor), building, asset or machinery planning, etc. It is always ideal to have a well-documented construction site plan so that you can refer to it when required.

For a basic understanding, here are certain things the construction site plan should cover:

  • The construction site plan should have a detailed scope of the project. It should have specifics of the time and the cost in which you would be able to complete the construction project.
  • The project plan should also contain the objectives of the project. A detailed description of why the project or property was undertaken, and its expected outcome, should be covered in the plan.
  • It should contain a detailed requirement of what resources, money, equipment, etc., to help you complete the project's objective.
  • A good practice is to include the milestones of the construction plan so that various project activities can be monitored timely.
  • You should also include the work schedule and breakdown structure of the project. It is important that you mention when each phase of the project would be carried out and completed. A systematic sequence of the tasks that would follow each milestone should also be specified.
  • A construction site plan or Building Property Plan should also include progress tracking in reference to the schedule. It should be easy to monitor the progress of the project and compare it with the planned output. You will also be able to check the planned design against the actual design. This should help you decide if the project is on the proper track or lags on the timeline and cost.

Other Important Aspects of a Construction Site Plan

Of course, not all the aspects of a construction site plan be predetermined or estimated. There would always be certain scenarios where the tasks and activities of your building design plans could not be projected, such as the procurement lead time, concrete drying, land or plot acquisition, etc.

Consider the probability of the delay and include it in your plans. For instance, you might be planning to import certain machinery, and its delivery time will depend on various factors like proposed quality testing, city permit, customs or import formalities, weather conditions, etc.

Plans of the design and development project should ensure that these aspects are considered during the construction planning phase. It would help estimate the time frame and keep enough buffer to complete the project in the planned period and not delay.

An alternative approach to the procurement of such items should be thought of beforehand and planned for during the construction site plan phase. However, it is important to note that and if you go along the lines of an alternative approach then it might have cost implications, service issues, or quality control issues, and these should be provisioned for.

What Happens When You Neglect Planning?

  • When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This saying applies to all and even in the construction industry. Neglectful planning would either result in a delay in projects or would have cost implications. 
  • You would not be able to utilize your resources properly if you don't plan. There might be instances where your existing resources are kept idle when their services could have easily been diverted to some other phase of your project.
  • The quality of the output is affected when planning is not given due consideration. Your result might be inferior or incomplete in such instances.

Timely execution and completion are only possible when your construction site plan is in place. It would be wise to put in the energy, time, and effort before commencing any project. 

Planning a Time Lapse Construction

The Time lapse is necessary to constructions projects. All of this is possible by setting the right environment and knowing the intent of the images you take. Any essential elements, planning for time-lapse construction photography, are important. The Time lapse is charts progress and provides information for collaborators.

As important as making sure that you have the right property for your construction photoshoot is doing sure that you have the correct equipment for the job.

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