A Complete Guide To Create A Time Lapse Photo to Video

What’s the point of enjoying pleasing moments like the cloud formation, sunset, sunrise, growth of something, etc., alone?  Start preparing yourself for your first time lapse video because not only is it fun, but it is also an easy way to make loads of money! Multiple photographs are captured with the camera and they are combined to show motion in the time lapse video. The selection of your time-lapse camera is really important, and thinking which time-lapse camera to use is a technical question.

There is no need to buy the most expensive and latest camera, so just get a good quality camera that can capture sharp photographs. However, shooting a time lapse isn’t that easy, so make sure you have the idea about all the ins and out so when you start to shoot then you would be all set for it!


Equipment And Method For Shooting A Time Lapse Video

We can feel desperateness in the air, but first, get to know about the equipment needed and then the method to prepare it.  Let’s roll!!!


Time Lapse Tools

Yes, for making a time lapse video you  will need some tools, but don’t even think  about cancelling your plans just due to the fact that they might be  expensive. There are many places where you can find these things at affordable prices.


Tripod Stand

This is quite obvious that time-lapse photographers need a tripod stand, since the camera needs to be kept still for long periods and no one can hold the camera steady enough for hours and hours. An advice would be to buy a good quality tripod stand to make it a one-time investment.




Of course, no one can think of shooting anything without a camera, whether a phone camera or a professional camera by Nikon, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Fuji film, etc.

Choose a DSLR or CSC camera for the best results and if you have enough budget!



It is a device that helps to set how many shots would be captured and at what intervals. Many cameras have built-in intervalometers, while for some, the photographers need to buy the intervalometers separately.



Software is a necessary part of time-lapse since the editing and assembling can’t be done without them. Some notorious software products for time lapse are PhotoLapse3, QuickTime Pro, and Adobe Lightroom5.


ND Filters

The Natural-Density (ND) Filters are attached to the cameras during the time lapse to filter and keep the light consistent.


How To Shoot A Time Lapse?

The steps of creating a time lapse aren’t very complex, but be careful that you keenly follow the steps we provide, because if you miss them at any point then all your work might go in vain.

Select a location that would really show a good time-lapse. By this, we mean that the changes and motion should be openly visible to the viewers when they watch it.


Set up your lenses

Start the time-lapse by setting your camera or phone on a tripod stand that keeps it fixed at one position. Be careful to choose a good spot for the shoot because it must cover the complete frame. Now fix the camera lens, make sure you have enough knowledge about how lenses work on a camera?


Set Intervalometer

Next, get done with your camera settings. Set the ISO and Aperture to low so that you get better and fluid shots. This is the time when you have to set the intervalometer, this depends upon your location and topic of time-lapse because each video is distinct in nature. However, it’d be appropriate to keep it between 1-5 seconds.

Make sure to keep the camera on Manual mode so that the pictures are more realistic, and they turn out to be of sharp resolution.



The most important thing is  to always take a few shots before you set your camera for the actual time-lapse. The test shots would help you to check if all the things are perfect, and you can make changes in the settings at this point if anything seems missing.

Once you are done, start the intervalometer, and it  will begin to capture the shots. Moreover, always take more shots than your calculation, as it would be advantageous if you need to extend the time of the video or employ them while editing.

After you are done with the shooting part, the most indispensable thing is editing.  So  open the editing software and import the shots taken to create the time-lapse of your dreams. Then, export it as a video, so the changes get saved. 



Other tips to choose a camera time-lapse

The motions, dimensions, shots, and locations of a time-lapse are something that can’t be expressed in words and can only be captured.  So make sure you have the perfect camera for your time-lapse photography. There are so many of them that are easily accessible and all you need to do is pick the right one!