Reasons why Video and Image Projects are Essential!

When you think about your favorite memories, like your first day at school, or your graduation day, getting your first car, your wedding day, and so on, aren’t you always happy to go through the photographs or videos that were taken on these events? Wait a minute! Have you ever thought about what would happen if all this precious data got lost??

For a photographer and videographer, every single shot captured in the camera is more precious than anything for them. Things like first project milestone videos shouldn’t get lost at any period of life, and this is the reason why we are here to furnish your mind about why everyone needs a backup of videos and image projects.

Even if you have just initiated your career, then always keep in mind that most professional photographers always have a backup of all their files.

Backup of Video and Image Projects is a Must-do!


It Helps To Become Disciplined

Photographers usually have the habit of taking pictures everywhere. Well, if you keep a backup of all your photos, then it would help you to become an organized person. You can create backups on your computer, or on external hard drives.

Things Once Lost Won’t Be Back!

If you lose your data of images and videos unintentionally, you might never be able to get them back, and you’ll regret not having a backup somewhere. If you are a phone photographer then it is even more important for you to save the photos and videos either in an app or in some other backup storage because phones are more likely to get lost.

Easy Access

When you create a backup of your files on the internet (in cloud storage, applications, google library, or websites), then they become easy to access from wherever you are, so you can show your work to anyone anytime without carrying your laptop or portable devices.



Reduces Tension

If you aren’t a very active person then don’t worry because no one is perfect in this world! If you start to keep the record of your image and video projects by saving them in different places according to their importance, then it’d reduce half of your tension since you won’t have to worry about your files getting lost forever.

For instance, Apple offers Aperture and iPhoto Library Manager to help organize images and videos. Whereas, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drive are available to everyone.

Helps To Impress Clients

When you begin to attract clients, you should share your organized backups with them, and even the first works and projects that you have completed. It will make them impressed with your professionalism. You would be able to gain their trust, and they would be happy to work with someone who knows the basic rules of work.

Best Backup Solutions

You now know why having backups of your images and videos is important, but let’s also find out what method you could use!

Cloud Solution Backup

The question is which cloud storage solution backup to choose since there are so many! You could go for pCloud, Apple iCloud, Blackblaze, or others. These are economical and considered the best for backups.

Choose a Memory Card

SD cards are a good option for backup, so always sort the data wisely and then save it on your memory cards. Always focus on strategies related to how to choose a memory card, as a good memory card can save your life!



Backup a Computer

If you lose your files or are unable to find them, then you definitely would have to work on them again and this would waste your time. Find out what’s the best way to backup a computer, as you have many options in the market. Once you keep the things (photos, albums, and videos) in the right place, then this will save your time, so you can use it productively.

We trust your skills as a photographer, but always make sure that you never lose your amazing photos! So don’t forget to create your personal backups to keep them with you forever !